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    Reports & Research
    March, 2020

    This report titled Land in India: Issues and Debates is part of an initiative under the aegis of India Land & Development Conference (ILDC) which has a long-term objective of bringing out an annual Status of Land in India volume. This report is a modest beginning in that direction by drawing on the works of ILDC partners to present a quick over view of some of the key developments and debates in India’s land sector. The report brings together 11key issues which currently engage the minds of the policy makers and researchers in India.

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    Global Landscapes Forum Bonn 2019: Outcome Statement cover image
    Reports & Research
    Conference Papers & Reports
    June, 2019

    In the face of the climate crisis and threats to food security, a safe water supply and biodiversity, GLF Bonn 2019 sought to hear the voices of Indigenous Peoples, local communities, women and youth – all of those with the greatest stake in confronting such global challenges. The forum did not avoid identifying hurdles, most of which stem from conflicting rights and interests, that hinder cooperation to rapidly secure the rights to a healthy life for present and future generations.

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    do território tradicional ao movimento indígena nas cidades

    Journal Articles & Books
    March, 2019
    Latin America and the Caribbean, South America, Brazil
    O presente trabalho pretende refletir sobre territórios e especificidades de mulheres indígenas na Amazônia brasileira, mais especificamente do Estado do Acre, com suas lutas encampadas pela defesa dos territórios ancestrais, bem como o estabelecimento de relações com o movimento indígena. Assim, o caminho metodológico terá como partida a experiência de vida e de luta de lideranças femininas, as quais inserem preocupações quanto aos seus direitos, seus posicionamentos e reflexões que provocam transformações em suas realidades sociais e culturais.

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