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    Institutional & promotional materials
    March, 2017
    South America, Peru

    This fact sheet presents the results of a study carried out between Dezember 2016 and March 2017 by the Instituto del Bien Común (IBC) on the possible obstacles of land titling of native communities in the region of Ucayali. The study is developed in coordination with the Regional Directorate of Agriculture of Ucayali (DRAU) and indigenous regional organizations, with support from the German development cooperation, implemented by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, through the ProTierras Comunales project.

  2. Library Resource
    Land administration in Bangladesh: Problems and analytical approach to solution
    Peer-reviewed publication
    March, 2017

    Rapid population growth combined with fast rate of land transfer and land conversion urges for an effective land administration and management in Bangladesh. But the land administration system in Bangladesh is corrupt, inefficient, and unreliable and inherently contains systematic weaknesses. It proliferates and perpetuates the endemic nature of land disputes. Nearly 80 percent of court cases in the rural areas are estimated to be related to land-conflicts.

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    Journal Articles & Books
    February, 2017

    As gold prices soared from 2008 onwards, tens of thousands of foreign miners, especially from China, entered the small-scale mining sector in Ghana, despite it being ‘reserved for Ghanaian citizens’ by law. A free-for-all ensued in which Ghanaian and Chinese miners engaged in both contestation and collaboration over access to gold, a situation described as ‘out of control’ and a ‘culture of impunity’. Where was the state? This paper addresses the question of how and why pervasive and illicit foreign involvement occurred without earlier state intervention.

  4. Library Resource
    Journal Articles & Books
    March, 2017
    Ghana, Sierra Leone

    Since the end of the Cold War, natural resources have assumed an increasingly prominent role in security, conflict, and peace studies. Scholars and development practitioners alike view the development of strong institutions, which aim to domesticate global regulatory regimes that foster neoliberal principles like privatization, transparency, and accountability, as necessary to mitigate natural resource conflict in resource-rich states, as well as enhance opportunities for peace and social justice.

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    Manuals & Guidelines
    March, 2017

    This note is part of an Action Notes series and provides guidance for governments and companies on how to ensure that agricultural investments respect existing land rights, both formal and informal, and thereby avert land disputes.

  6. Library Resource
    February, 2017

    El presente Acuerdo expide la Norma técnica para establecer el valor de la tierra adjudicada en procedimientos de titulación, que tiene como finalidad normar el procedimiento de valoración de las tierras rurales realizado por la Autoridad Agraria Nacional o su delegado, por parte de la Subsecretaría de Tierras y Reforma Agraria, las Direcciones Distritales de Tierras y las Unidades Provinciales de Tierras.

  7. Library Resource
    February, 2017

    La presente Acuerdo adopta los criterios generales de adquisición directa de bienes para el Fondo de la Unidad Administrativa Especial de Gestión de Tierras Despojadas, que servirá como instrumento para el cumplimiento de órdenes judiciales relacionadas con compensación a víctimas cuyos bienes son imposibles de restituir y atención a los segundos ocupantes resultantes de los procesos de restitución. Con el fin de materializar la adquisición directa de inmuebles por parte de la Unidad, se definirá internamente un procedimiento que permita adelantar la compra directa de predios.

  8. Library Resource
    February, 2017

    This Act amends the Land Tax Act by inserting a new section 22A, which allows the Minister to delegate certain functions. The Minister may, by Order published in the Gazette, delegate to any Minister of State appointed to assist him, the exercise or performance of all or any of the powers or functions conferred upon the Minister under the provisions of this Act specified in this Act (The specified provisions are sections 3, 12, 21, 23A, 23B and 39).

    Amends: Land Tax Act, 1982. (2001)

  9. Library Resource
    Conference Papers & Reports
    February, 2017

    Entre os dias 14 e 16 de setembro de 2016, foi realizado o IVº Encontro Internacional pela Terra e Território, no Casarão do Vale do Guapiaçu, Serra Queimada, município de Cachoeiras de Macacu, Rio de Janeiro – Brasil, promovido pelo Laboratório de Estudos sobre Movimentos Sociais e Territorialidades da Universidade Federal Fluminense e o Instituto para o Desenvolvimento Rural da América do Sul.

  10. Library Resource
    Reports & Research
    March, 2017
    Africa, Kenya

    The last decade has witnessed a raft of political and legal reforms in Kenya and the efforts have paid dividends. Kenya is experiencing an unprecedented surge in foreign direct investments in varied infrastructure projects. In most cases the projects are situate in rural areas creating a buzz of excitement and igniting opportunities for poverty reduction initiatives directly or indirectly.

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