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    National Policies
    October, 2010
    Papua New Guinea

    The Medium Term Development Plan 2011-2015 (MTDP) is a 5-year rolling development plan that sets the sector strategies, targets, deliverables and their projected estimated cost of implementation. The MTDP is aimed at translating the Papua New Guinea Development Strategic Plan 2010-2030 (PNGDSP) into tangible results.

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    August, 2016

    This Act makes provision for the recognition, protection and registration of community land rights and also provides for conversion of community land, special rights and entitlements with respect to community land, environment and natural resources management of community land and settlement of disputes relating to community land.

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    May, 2017

    La présente loi supprime les dispositions des articles 16, 501 de la loi n° 2013-01 du 14 août 2013 portant code foncier et domanial en République du Benin.

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    China, Eastern Asia, Asia

    The purpose of these Regulations is to regulate the contracted management of rural land and guarantee the legitimate rights and interests of the contracting parties.

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    China, Eastern Asia, Asia

    These Regulations have been formulated for the purpose of stabilizing and perfecting the two-level operation system, which is based on the responsibility system of contracting by households supplemented by unified management, protecting the legal rights and interests of the parties of the contracting of rural land, so as to improve the development of agriculture and the rural economy and stabilize the rural areas.

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    China, Eastern Asia, Asia

    These Measures, consisting of 31 Articles, are formulated in accordance with the Law on the Rural Land Contracting. A member of a rural collective economic organization is entitled to contract the rural land of such rural collective economic organization. The Contractor shall obtain the right to land contractual management after the contract enters into effect. The right to land contractual management obtained through household contract may, according to law, be circulated by subcontracting, leasing, exchanging, transferring or other means.

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    China, Eastern Asia, Asia

    The purpose of these Regulations is to stabilize and improve the contracted management system of rural land, and effectively protect the rights and interests of farmers', and promote the development of agriculture, rural economy and rural social stability.

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    China, Eastern Asia, Asia

    These Measures have been formulated in accordance with the Law of the People's Republic of China on the Contracting of Rural Land.

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    Benin, Africa, Western Africa

    Le présent code comprend 543 articles répartis en 10 titres, à savoir: Dispositions générales (Titre I); De la propriété (Titre II); De la protection et de la reconnaissance administrative du droit de propriété (Titre III); Des atteintes au droit de propriété (Titre IV); Du domaine immobilier de l’Etat et des collectivités territoriales (Titre V); Des dispositions relatives aux terres rurales et coutumières (Titre VI); De la preuve et du contentieux foncier (Titre VII); Du cadre institutionnel de gestion du domaine et du foncier (Titre VIII); Des infractions et des sanctions (Titre IX); Des

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    Lei n. 10/2013 (Lei de terras).

    Macao S.A.R, Asia, Eastern Asia

    This Land Law, consisting of 14 Chapters, divided into 223 articles, establishes the legal regime for land management, in particular for constitution, exercise, modification, transmission and extinction of the right of land use and exploitation within the State of the Special Administrative Region of Macau, (called RAEM).

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