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    May, 1994

    Soil protection is the state problem since correct and rational use of all types of soil, including barren soil, saline soils, swamped soil, alkali soil and aqueous soil are the main reserve of dynamic development of agriculture and of the national economy as a whole. The purpose of the present Law is to ensure the integrity of soil surface, conservation thereof and rise of soil fertility, to establish the rights and the duties of landholders, landowners and the state in the field of soil protection and setting up conditions for ecological production. The Law consists of 11 Articles.

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    March, 1994

    La presente Ley define, entre otros, los conceptos de biodiversidad, conservación del patrimonio ambiental, contaminación, impacto ambiental, desarrollo sustentable, zona latente y zona saturada. La Ley establece que determinados proyectos o actividades solo podrán ejecutarse o modificarse previa su evaluación del impacto ambiental (EIA), correspondiendo a la Comisión Regional o Nacional del Medio Ambiente la administración del sistema de EIA, así como la coordinación de los organismos del Estado involucrados en la obtención de los permisos o pronunciamientos.

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    National Policies
    January, 1995

    The Agricultural Perspective Plan (APP) is a national strategy with a cross-sectoral approach with a duration of twenty years (1995-2015). Its goal is to add two percentage points to the country’s agricultural growth which would expand per capita agricultural growth sixfold, from its current 0.5% to 3% per year. The APP strategy is based on the acceleration of the agricultural growth rate sufficiently to obtrain strong multiplier effect on growth in employment, both in agriculture itself and in nonagricultural sectors.

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    June, 1994

    Cette loi porte régime de base en matière d'environnement. Elle vise, notamment, à: préserver la diversité et l'intégrité de l'environnement; créer les conditions d'une utilisation quantitativement et qualitativement durable des ressources naturelles; garantir à tous les citoyens un cadre de vie écologiquement sain et équilibré. Les citoyens sont tenus à participer collectivement pour la sauvegarde de l'environnement.

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    Legislation & Policies
    January, 1994

    "Now, therefore, the Government of Eritrea has promulgated a Proclamation aimed at reforming the system of land tenure in Eritrea, determining land use, determining the manner of expropriating land to be utilized for development and national reconstruction, and determining the powers and responsibilities of the Land Commission."

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    December, 1994

    The constitution was approved by 90% of voters in a referendum.

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    December, 1994

    The constitution was drafted by the National Consultative Council and eventually ratified by the National Assembly.

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