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    Hungary, Eastern Europe, Europe

    This is a comprehensive statute of forest management aiming to extend forests by reforestation, to produce good quality and competitive forest products; to contribute to soil conservation, water management and other useful purposes; to integrate hunting and wildlife management with the national economy. The Law differentiates between forests (for timber extraction, research purposes, protection forests and recreational forests, protected forests and for wildlife management purposes) and other woodlands whose surface area is less than half a hectare.

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    2013. évi CXXII. törvény a mező- és erdőgazdasági földek forgalmáról

    Hungary, Eastern Europe, Europe

    This Act lays down rules regarding the acquisition of property rights of agricultural and forestry lands, the institution of usufruct right on such lands, the use of land, the control on restrictions relative to the acquisition of land, and rules regarding local land commissions. This Act applies to all land in the national territory.

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    2003. évi XXVI. törvény az Országos Területrendezési Tervről

    Hungary, Eastern Europe, Europe

    The purpose of this Act is the determination of terms regarding the utilization of land in each area of the country, the equal distribution of technical and infrastructural works, taking into consideration the principle of sustainable development, the protection of territorial, natural, ecological and cultural features and values, and the conservation of natural resources.

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