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    December, 2016
    Ivory Coast

    Constitution of Côte d'Ivoire 2016

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    November, 2013
    Vietnam, Asia, South-Eastern Asia
  3. Library Resource
    September, 2015

    Constitution of Nepal

  4. Library Resource
    Legislation & Policies
    April, 1990
    China, Hong Kong

    Preamble: "Hong Kong has been part of the territory of China since ancient times; it was occupied by Britain after the Opium War in 1840.  On 19 December 1984, the Chinese and British Governments signed the Joint Declaration on the Question of Hong Kong, affirming that the Government of the People's Republic of China will resume the exercise of sovereignty over Hong Kong with effect from 1 July 1997, thus fulfilling the long-cherished common aspiration of the Chinese people for the recovery of Hong Kong.

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    December, 1992

    The constitution was approved by the National Assembly.

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    December, 1993

    The constitution was approved in a national referendum.

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    December, 1963

    The constitution was passed by Parliament and brought into force retrospectively.

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