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    August, 1992
    Macao S.A.R

    This Law, consisting of 27 articles divided into four Chapters, establishes the legal regime for land expropriation. The Law establishes that everyone has the right to private property and its transmission in life or death, according to the law. The immovable property and rights inherent thereto may be expropriated for the sake of public utility, upon the payment of just compensation. It is divided as follows: General provisions (Chap. I); Declaration of public utility and authorization of administrative possession (Chap. II); Compensation regime (Chap. III); Final provisions (Chap.

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    April, 2017

    This Law, consisting of 34 articles divided into four Chapters, approves the Basic Legislation of Land Use Planning.

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    September, 2016
    Cape Verde

    This Decree-Law amends and re-publishes Decree-Law No. 37/2014 of 22 July on the special legal regime for the implementation of land cadastre in Sal, Boa Vista, Sao Vicente and Maio islands.

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    June, 2017

    This Regional Legislative Decree, consisting of 171 articles divided into nine Chapters, establishes the general bases of the Public Policy for Land, Regional Territorial Planning and Urbanism within the Autonomous Region of Madeira. This Regional Legislative Decree under Law n. 31/2014, of May 30, defines the regional system for the territorial management.

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    May, 2016

    This Decree-Law, consisting of 18 articles divided into five Chapters, establishes the general norms regulating the Territorial Land Use Planning (POT) of the Ataúro Island, including its territorial management instruments, as well as actions, programmes, projects and any licensing or authorizations, whether public or private.

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    June, 2012

    This Law, consisting of 5 Chapters, establishes principles, baselines, objectives, strategies and goals for State Policy on Climate Change. This Policy aims at the following principles: implementation of public policies; prevention and precaution, implementation of measures to fight the greenhouse effect; polluter pays principle, conservation of environment, guaranteeing that nature heritage keeps environmental quality standards; etc. This Policy is divided as follows: Principles, concepts and baslines (Chap. I); Objectives (Chap. II); Goals (Chap.

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    August, 2017

    This Law, consisting of 58 articles divided into four Chapters, provides for the regime of use of uncultivated lands and other community productive lands owned and managed by local communities integrated in the cooperative and social sector as means of production. It specifies the requirements to be satisfied for exploiting these lands, and establishes the conditions for land expropriation, use, etc. It lays down duties, competencies and composition of national administration responsible for the management of the above mentioned lands.

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    Portugal, Southern Europe, Europe

    This Law sets the basis for the spatial planning and urban policy defining and integrating the actions undertaken at all levels by the Public Administration with the aim of ensuring an adequate organization and use of territory. The main objective is to achieve economic, social and cultural sustainable development of the Country.

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    Brazil, Americas, South America

    This Law, consisting of 8 Chapters establishes reform, settlement and colonization of vacant lands belonging to the State of Piauí. The Institute for Reform and Land Regularization - INTERPI is the competent body for the management and administration of land policy in the State of Piauí, in accordance with State Law No. 3.783 of 16 December 1980. The INTERPI may create support offices inside the State, called Land Governance Office aiming to accelerate the fulfillment of its objectives. Land regularization includes rural and urban public land of the State of Piauí.

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