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    How to Optimize Local Regulatory Fees to Encourage Growth

    Reports & Research
    Training Resources & Tools
    December, 2011

    Since investment climate reforms in developing countries started gaining traction in the 1990s, most efforts have focused on issues at the national level, achieving varying degrees of success for reasons that are relatively well understood. This handbook provides an overview of efforts and achievements in subnational investment climate reforms. It is organized as follows. Chapter 2 reviews a number of countries experiences with subnational reforms, noting both success stories and disappointments and pointing toward lessons learned.

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    Journal Articles & Books
    March, 2017

    This paper describes the development of a Land Information Management System (LIMS) for County Governments in Kenya. In the new Constitution 2010, devolution of some national government functions and formation of county governments was provided for. These invoked the development of new land laws to guide the devolution processes and procedures. According to the County Government Act 2012, all County Governments are supposed to develop digital Geographic Information System (GIS) based spatial plans and these calls for development of LIMS for and efficient breakthrough.

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    June, 2012

    This note provides an overview of the current property taxation system in the Punjab Province based on the premise that the property tax: 1) is essentially a fiscal tool; 2) is not an instrument of social redistribution; 3) system should be kept simple; and 4) is a technical instrument with strong financial, institutional, and political connotations. This note summarizes the key attributes of the present property taxation system of the Punjab Province and proposes some solutions for improving the property tax system.

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    March, 2013

    Danang City is the capital and economic
    hub of the central region of Vietnam. As in all of the major
    urban centers of the country, Danang is currently
    experiencing rapid urbanization fueled by consistent
    economic growth and the resultant steady increase in
    population, much through rural-urban migration. For this
    reason, central and city government has been increasingly
    concerned with the urban development and housing sectors.

  5. Library Resource
    March, 2012

    The purpose of this Independence
    Evaluation Group (IEG) special study is to illuminate the
    scale and scope of Bank support for municipal development
    and to draw specific lessons from the achievements and
    failures of a sample of individual projects. The study
    focuses on three dimensions of municipal management:
    planning, finance, and service provision that figure
    repeatedly in Bank financed municipal development projects

  6. Library Resource
    August, 2014
    North Macedonia

    The present study examines the
    challenges facing municipal governments in FYR Macedonia.
    The introductory chapter provides some further context for
    these developments, in terms of the challenges they pose
    for urban areas and their governments. Chapter Two examines
    issues for financial management of municipalities under the
    decentralized regime, and the attendant need for improving
    local government capacity. The third chapter highlights

  7. Library Resource
    March, 2012

    Municipalities in Mozambique were
    established by law in 1997 and elected in 1998 for the first
    time, only a few years after the peace agreement. Most
    inherited archaic and dysfunctional remnants of colonial and
    central government systems and infrastructure, and as such
    limited progress was achieved in transforming them into
    functioning local governments during the first mandate
    (1998-2002). During the second mandate (2003-2008), however,

  8. Library Resource
    May, 2014

    This document proposes a set of
    generally applicable recommendations and good practices for
    creating a Mineral Rights Cadastre (MRC), an administrative
    body responsible for overseeing the process of granting and
    managing mineral licenses throughout a country. The document
    reviews lessons learned from World Bank-funded projects
    aimed at reforming mineral rights management and assesses
    the impacts and benefits of the implemented changes. The

  9. Library Resource
    May, 2014

    In this report, in addition to aggregate
    results, six brief case studies are used to highlight the
    impact of Bank supported mining sector reform on various
    indicators at different links of the value chain. These
    include: the impacts on investment; production and
    employment in Argentina; institutional capacity building in
    Papua New Guinea; production and fiscal revenues in
    Tanzania; community and regional development in Madagascar;

  10. Library Resource
    February, 2014

    The economic recession, the end of
    stimulus funding and central government cutbacks, rising
    social costs and aging, and the need for infrastructure
    upgrading for urbanization are putting enormous fiscal
    stress on cities. The financing capacity of municipalities
    is greatly affected because of the decline in the tax base,
    expenditure pressures, and growing and more expensive debt.
    Today's urban fiscal crisis is similar to that

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