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  1. Library Resource
    Reports & Research
    December, 2003

    Land policies are of fundamental importance to sustainable growth, good governance, and the well-being of, and the economic opportunities open to, both rural and urban dwellers - particularly the poor. To this end, research on land policy, and analysis of interventions related to the subject, have long been of interest to the Bank's Research Department, and other academic, and civil society institutions.

  2. Library Resource
    Reports & Research
    December, 2011

    In this issue, we will be introducing the new Land tenure e-journal, which has just launched its first issue. This e-journal is dedicated to land-related issues, including land tenure. We will also learn about the recently issued report, the State of the World’s plant genetic resources for food and agriculture and we will introduce you to the new web site gearing up for the 2012 event marking the twentieth anniversary of the Earth Summit - FAO@Rio+20.

  3. Library Resource
    Reports & Research
    December, 2011

    Bienvenidos al primer número de 2011 del Boletín de recursos naturales y medio ambiente. En este número presentaremos la nueva Revista sobre Tenencia de la tierra, una publicación en formato electrónico cuyo primer número acaba de ser lanzado. La revista está dedicada a los asuntos agrarios, incluida la tenencia de la tierra.

  4. Library Resource
    July, 2013

    This report centers on the problems
    stemming from land issues in Nicaragua. The report's
    main recommendations deal with four priority actions:
    institutional reform; adjustments to the legal framework;
    systematic regularization of land rights; and, firmly
    addressing previous land invasions, and preventing future
    invasions. The issue of land distribution, and ownership is
    especially critical in Nicaragua; indeed, the country

  5. Library Resource
    March, 2013

    Land policy, administration and
    management are areas of strong client demand for technical
    advice and operational support. This review sought to help
    the Bank better position itself to present coherent advice
    on policy, institutional arrangements and practice. The
    potential implications are a lowering of reputational risk
    to the Bank; greater efficiency in the process including
    joint data gathering; and building of greater momentum and

  6. Library Resource
    April, 2013

    A decade ago in Mozambique, a stakeholder workshop where the need to improve access to industrial and commercial land as a means to encourage investment was a topic of discussion, a government official came up to. In order to create new jobs, generate more income, and modernize the economy, many countries see an urgent need to encourage industrial and commercial investment, both domestic and foreign. However, investment in many sectors cannot take place unless land, along with other basic factors of production, is available.

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