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    June, 2012

    Nicaragua is a small, open economy that
    is vulnerable to external and natural shocks. With an
    estimated Gross National Income (GNI) per capita of US$1000
    in 2006, and a total population of 5.2 million, it is one of
    the poorest countries in Latin America. Forty six percent of
    the population lived below the poverty line in 2005 (while
    15 percent lived in extreme poverty), and the incidence of
    poverty is more than twice as high in rural areas (68

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    June, 2014
    Costa Rica

    This paper discusses the social impacts
    of Costa Rica's Payments for Environmental Services
    (PSA) program and their effect on rural poverty. Although
    the analysis is hampered by significant information gaps, we
    believe that the PSA Program has probably managed to have an
    impact on the poor. This impact is almost certainly positive
    on the poor who were able to participate, but is difficult
    to quantify. However, except for very few cases, it seems

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    February, 2015

    Agriculture remains fundamental for
    Nicaragua from both a macroeconomic and social view. It is
    the largest sector of the Nicaraguan economy, and it remains
    the single biggest employer with around 30 percent of the
    labor force and including processed foods, like meat and
    sugar, agriculture accounts for around 40 percent of total
    exports value. Nicaragua appears to be gradually losing
    competitive edge of some of its key agricultural exports

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    Honduras, Americas, Central America

    La Ley consta de 7 títulos y 180 artículos. INDICE: Dispociones generales: objetivos, fines y principios fundamentales (I); La propiedad rural afecta a los fines de la Reforma Agraria (II): Afectación de tierras nacionales y ejidales y de las instituciones descentralizadas del Estado (cap. 1), Afectación de tierras de propiedad privada (cap. 2), Tierras de propiedad privada inafectables (cap. 3), Obligaciones de los propietarios de predios rurales (cap. 4); Ejecución de la Reforma Agraria (III): Procedimiento de expropiación (cap.

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