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    September, 2016
    Cape Verde

    This Decree-Law, consisting of three Chapters and one Annex, establishes the organization and functioning norms of the Ministry of Infrastructure, Territorial Planning and Housing (MIOTH).

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    Cape Verde, Africa, Western Africa

    This Decree, consisting of 5 Chapters, approves the Regulation of the Legal Regime of Land Registry (RRJCP), established by Decree-Law No. 29/2009. It aims at the fulfilling the objectives related to the univocal identification of buildings, by assigning a unique identification number of common use by the whole Public Administration, enabling the creation of single property information, unifying, in a single information system, the existing registration information, allowing the digital management of the registration.

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    Decreto-Lei n. 24/2012 de 16 de Agosto.

    Cape Verde, Africa, Western Africa

    This Decree-Law, consisting of 22 articles, regulates the institutionalization of the Information Territorial System of Cape Verde (SIT-CV). It establishes norms and requirements to be satisfied in order to manage this Spatial Data of Cape Verde (IDE-CV). It also defines competencies of the Coordinating Committee for Cartography and Cadastre (CCCC), as well as the respective procedures for the electronic access to data for their use in order to be able to manage and publish geographical information for all the National institutions.

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    Lei n. 3/04 de 25 de Junho.

    Angola, Africa, Middle Africa

    This Law, consisting of 5 chapters, divided in 71 articles, regulates the general principles on land, territorial and urban planning. In particular, the Law rules on: land and territorial planning, land classification, and registration procedures. Moreover, the Law indicates the competent authorities and their related functions. The Law is divided as follows: General provisions (Chap I); Territorial planning structural tools (Chap II); Composition of territorial competent authorities (Chap III); Territorial plan regime (Chap IV); Final provisions (Chap V).

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