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    An Act to establish a Land Registry to regulate the registration of title to land, and to make provision for matters incidental thereto or connected therewith.

    Malta, Europe, Southern Europe

    The Act provides for the establishment in Malta of the Land Registry for the purposes of registration of title to land. The Act consists of sixty sections divided into the following ten Parts: (I) Preliminary; (II) Administrative provisions; (III) Registration of land; (IV) Dealings with registered land; (V) Cautions; (VA) Cautionary charges; (VI) Land and charge certificates; (VII) General provisions concerning registration; (VIII) Rectification of Register and indemnity; (IX) Miscellaneous provisions; (X) Rules and fees orders.

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    Malta, Europe, Southern Europe

    These provisions aim at implementing the Land Registration Act, particularly as regards the application for the registration of land or the issue of a certificate of title and application for registration of acquistion by prescription. Article 13 concerns appeals against the decisions of the Registrar; article 14 concerns claims for indemnity. Several schedules, containing the models of the forms of the applications and certificates hereby envisaged, are attached.

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