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    International Conventions or Treaties
    October, 2011
    Poland, Ukraine, Belarus

    The purpose of this Agreement is to create a transboundary biosphere reserve "West Polesie", consisting of three national biosphere reserves, and cooperation on protection and sustainable development of the region in conformity with UNESCO's "Man and the Biosphere" (MAB) program. The Parties shall promote cooperation in the field of protection and sustainable use of biological and landscape diversity of the transboundary biosphere reserve "Western Polesie”.

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    September, 2011

    This Act provides for the establishment of the Protected Areas Commission, the Protected Areas Trust and a Trust Fund and empowers the Minister to declare national protected areas. It applies to the territorial sea, exclusive economic zone, fishery zone and continental shelf as defined in the Maritime Zones Act 2010. The Act alos provides with respect to the National Protected Areas System and allows village councils to apply to the Commission for village lands or any part thereof to be recognised as an Amerindian protected area.

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    National Policies
    January, 2012

    The Physical Development Plan for North Montserrat is a regional policy with a multi-sectoral approach. The timeframe of the Plan is 10 years between 2012 and 2022.

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    December, 2011

    The purpose of the present Law is to achieve the objectives and principles of federal and cantonal legislation in the field of land use planning and construction. The text consists of 127 articles divided into 8 Parts as follows: General provisions (1); Land use planning (2); Development (3); Land consolidation and boundary adjustment (4); Measures to promote the availability of land (5); Building regulations (6); Procedural provisions, administrative enforcement and penalties (7); Transitional and final provisions (8).

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    January, 2012

    These Regulations make provision for the declaration, administration and management of wildlife management areas and the establishment of Community Based Organizations for such administration and management. They also provide for non-consumptive and consumptive utilisation of resources of wildlife management areas, the resolution of disputes and management of conflicts in such areas and define offences.Any village intending to designate an area as a Wildlife Management Area shall first establish a Community Based Organization in the manner prescribed under the Trustees’ Incorporation Act.

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    January, 2011

    This paper argues for the need to make protected areas more directly relevant in the light of climate change. This includes the contribution of protected areas towards sustainable livelihoods, the provision of ecosystem services, and ensuring climate mitigation, resilience, and adaptation. The author advocates for mainstreaming protected area planning into sectors such as transportation and energy, reviewing the economic importance of protected areas while addressing climate-related concerns, and ensuring that protected areas form an integral part of climate adaptation efforts.

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    January, 2012
    China, Eastern Asia, Oceania

    Background Pastoralists have long inhabited vast areas of western China, including the Tibetan Plateau region. Their traditional land use practices and cultural conservation ethic have helped to protect the natural resource base upon which they depend and the wildlife that co-exist with them in the grassland landscapes.

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    Policy Papers & Briefs
    December, 2011
    Indonesia, Asia, South-Eastern Asia

    Reducing emissions from deforestation and degradation (REDD ) should focus on places where such emissions occur. Protected Areas (PAs) are, in theory, protected and hence, should have no emissions associated with land use/land cover change. In practice rotection is incomplete. Can PAs be included in REDD schemes? Can 'paper parks' be included that exist on paper rather than in reality? How concrete should threats be before we call carbon (C) protection 'additional'?

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    Strengthening Management of Natural and Cultural Heritage Assets to Scale-up Tourism and Stimulate Local Economic Opportunity

    Training Resources & Tools
    Policy Papers & Briefs
    March, 2011
    Mongolia, Eastern Asia, Oceania

    This report, Strengthening Management of Natural and Cultural Heritage Assets to Scale-up Tourism and Stimulate Local Economic Opportunity was prepared in March 2011.

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    Environment and Natural Resource Management Socio-Economic Survey

    Reports & Research
    Policy Papers & Briefs
    May, 2011
    Mongolia, Eastern Asia, Oceania

    Mongolia has very significant natural resources and a large part of the population is dependent on them for their daily living. The impact of the state of the environment on the living standards of herders is obvious, but also Mongolians living in the capital Ulaanbaatar have learned that air pollution, especially in winter, and other environmental problems have a deep impact on their living standards. The Government of the Netherlands has established a Trust Fund at the World Bank to support environmental activities in Mongolia.

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