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    Conference Papers & Reports
    December, 2017
    Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus

    The article considers the role and importance of the borderline position of the Belarusian-Lithuanian region, which influences the transformation processes of territorial structures. Particular attention is paid to the areas of coordinated activities on the formation and functioning of transboundary protected natural areas, as well as spatial planning activities for the sustainable use of their constituent natural complexes. The resulted results of researches are received within the limits of realization in 2014-2015.

  2. Library Resource
    July, 2016

    Item 6 shall be amended to add the following wording: “State bodies (other state institutions) managing protected areas shall submit protection areas management plant to public hearing”.

    Amends: Decree No. 94 of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection regarding some issues of management of protected areas. (2008-10-29)

  3. Library Resource
    International Conventions or Treaties
    October, 2011
    Poland, Ukraine, Belarus

    The purpose of this Agreement is to create a transboundary biosphere reserve "West Polesie", consisting of three national biosphere reserves, and cooperation on protection and sustainable development of the region in conformity with UNESCO's "Man and the Biosphere" (MAB) program. The Parties shall promote cooperation in the field of protection and sustainable use of biological and landscape diversity of the transboundary biosphere reserve "Western Polesie”.

  4. Library Resource
    December, 2003

    This Regional Law regulates issues of conservation, use, popularization and state protection of objects of cultural heritage (monuments of history and culture) of the peoples of the Russian Federation at the regional and municipal levels within the limits of competence and authority of the regional administration.

  5. Library Resource
    November, 2004

    Regional state nature reserve “Dolgaya polyana” (Long clearing) shall be classified as complex, constituted with a view of conservation of natural ecosystems and objects of historical and cultural heritage of regional significance. The following activities shall be prohibited: (a) land reclamation and irrigation; (b) soil disturbance; (c) all types of hunting; (d) gathering of zoological, botanical and mineral collections; (e) application of toxic chemicals, mineral fertilizers and pesticides; and (f) burning of vegetation.

  6. Library Resource
    August, 2004

    This Regional Decree establishes that state nature reserve “Chulpan” shall be classified as cultivated land (landscape) protected area constituted for the purpose of conservation of cultivated land and land reclamation area as a reference model erosion-resistant ecologically balanced agriculture in water erosion zone.

  7. Library Resource
    November, 2016

    Article 14 shall be amended to add the following wording: ““Proclamation of natural complexes and sites nature monuments and areas where they are located protected areas shall be performed by decision of Regional Government. In case of necessity the respective land arear and waterbodies can be expropriated for state need in accordance with the modalities envisaged by civil, land and water legislation”.

    Amends: Regional Law No. 60-ZS “On protected areas”. (2009-04-06)

  8. Library Resource
    April, 2016

    Article 9 (1) shall be amended to add the following wording: “The period of functioning of regional protected area can be extended if considered useful for the purposes of constitution of regional protected area”.

    Amends: Regional Law No. 564 “On regional protected areas”. (2014-12-29)

  9. Library Resource
    March, 2015

    This Regional Decree classifies regional protected areas as natural complexes and objects of nature protection, scientific research, cultural, aesthetic, recreational and healthcare significance. It regulates public access to protected areas of regional and local significance, including natural parks, state nature reserves and nature monuments.

  10. Library Resource
    January, 2016

    Article 16 shall be amended to add the following wording: “Regional Government shall be competent authority to declare natural complexes and nature monuments regional protected areas and, in case of necessity, land plots and waterbodies can be expropriated for public needs in accordance with civil, land and water legislation”.

    Amends: Regional Law No. 645 “On protected areas”. (2009-07-13)

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