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    MAPTenure: Enabling Tenurial Clarity for Orange Areas of Central India cover image
    Reports & Research
    July, 2018

    More than half the villages of Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh are affected by a peculiar issue of tenurial ambiguity called “orange areas.” This issue impacts nearly 1.2 million hectares and 1.5 million, largely poor, landless and tribal families, that depend on these lands for food, fuel, fodder and other sources of income. This lack of tenurial clarity also impacts forest protection outcomes in the state and constrains the achievement of biodiversity, water and climate targets.

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    July, 1968

    This Act provides for town and country planning and other planning in relation with development in Barbados.The Act defines duties of the Minister and constitutes a Town and Country Planning Advisory Committee. Development plans shall be prepared by the Chief Town Planner.

  3. Library Resource
    December, 2015

    La présente loi qui fixe les règles applicables en matière d’urbanisme et d’habitat, comporte 240 articles répartis en six livres. Elle détermine les règles générales relatives à la gestion de l’espace, l’aménagement urbain et l’utilisation du sol et définit les dispositions s’appliquant à la gestion des actes d’urbanisme et de construction dans le cadre de la politique de développement économique, social et d’aménagement du territoire ainsi que de la protection de l’environnement et du paysage.

  4. Library Resource
    February, 2016

    La presente Ley del Suelo de Galicia tiene por objeto la protección y la ordenación urbanística de Galicia.

  5. Library Resource
    June, 2009

    Le présent décret crée l’Etablissement public foncier de Bretagne, un établissement public de l'Etat, à caractère industriel et commercial, doté de la personnalité morale et de l'autonomie financière. Cet établissement est habilité dans la région Bretagne à : procéder à toutes les acquisitions foncières et opérations immobilières de nature à faciliter l'aménagement au sens de l'article L.

  6. Library Resource
    August, 2016

    Le présent code fixe les règles qui régissent l’urbanisme, l’habitat et la construction sur l’ensemble du territoire national, conformément aux dispositions légales se rapportant à l’assainissement et à la protection de l’environnement. En effet, ce code définit les différentes opérations d'urbanisme concrétisant les diverses destinations prévues pour les espaces urbains par les schémas directeurs d'aménagement et d'urbanisme et d'autres outils d'urbanisation.

  7. Library Resource
    National Policies
    August, 2013

    The Vanuatu Land Use Planning Policy is a national sectoral policy of Vanuatu for the period 2012-2017. Its main objective is to guide land use planning by setting priorities and outlining legislative and institutional settings to enable land use planning that encourages the best current use of Vanuatu’s land resources.The Policy aims to support food security.

  8. Library Resource
    February, 2014

    This Decision approves the master plan on socio-economic development of the Mekong Delta key economic region through 2020, with orientations toward 2030 with the following principal functions: The Mekong Delta key economic region (embracing Can Tho city and Ca Mau, An Giang and Kien Giang provinces) is a key region for producing food, aquatic products and flowers and fruits, significantly contributing to ensuring national food security and the exploit of agricultural and aquatic products of the whole country. It is a major energy center of the country in the southwestern waters.

  9. Library Resource
    National Policies
    January, 2002

    The goal of the National Land Policy in Malawi is to ensure tenure security and equitable access to land, to facilitate the attainment of social harmony and broad based social and economic development through optimum and ecologically balanced use of land and land based resources.A number of specific land policy objectives have to be satisfied in order to achieve the overall goal, particularly: a) Promote tenure reforms that guarantee security and instill confidence and fairness in all land transactions: Guarantee secure tenure and equitable access to land without any gender bias and/or disc

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