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    December, 2006

    This Act concerns measures to prevent and correct unlawful occupancy of gazetted land and related matters. "Gazetted land" is agricultural land required for resettlement purposes. “Resettlement land” means land identified as resettlement land under the Rural District Councils Act. Persons unlawfully holding, using or occupying gazetted land shall cease to do so in accordance with this Act and may be awarded compensation for improvements effected on the land before its acquisition.

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    March, 2006
    Saint Lucia

    The provisions of this Act shall apply only to land, interests in land, or dealings in land, registered under this Act. This Act sets forth organization, administration, duties, authorities and responsibilities of the Land Registry and registrars. A Registrar of Lands shall be appointed by the Public Service Commission to manage the Land Registry in accordance with this Act. The Land Registry includes a register in respect of every parcel which has been adjudicated in accordance with the Land Adjudication Act and a register in respect of each lease required by this Act to be registered.

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    November, 2006

    This Law regulates the legal relations arising in the process of development and implementation of state policy in the field of tourism, the organization and coordination of tourism activities, entrepreneurial activities in the field of tourism, types of tourism, the creation and functioning of national tourist zones, establishes requirements for the quality of tourist services, ensuring the safety of tourists, and also defines the principles of international cooperation in the field of tourism.

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    Reports & Research
    December, 2006

    Refugiados del Modelo Agroexportador es la publicación de los resultados de una investigación llevada a cabo en el 2006 en comunidades campesinas paraguayas que viven rodeadas por los monocultivos de soja. Este estudio interdisciplinario detalla la dinámica de empobrecimiento y degeneración de las condiciones de vida de las familias que lleva a la expulsión rural y la migración hacia las ciudades. Esta investigación de Base Investigaciones Sociales fue llevada a cabo por un equipo multidisciplinario e internacional de investigadores, bajo la dirección del sociólogo Tomas Palau.

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