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    Albania, Europe, Southern Europe

    This Law provides for the administration, rights of use and protection of pastures and meadows. Pasture and meadows are every kind of land covered by grass or shrubs which forms part of agricultural land or the forest fund according to the cadastral documentation of 1 August 1991 (and not being classified afterwards) which is used for grazing by livestock (art. 2). Pastures and meadows are classified as State-owned, State-owned made available for general use, and pastures and meadows in private or co-ownership (art. 3).

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    April, 2012

    Albania's radical farmland
    distribution is credited with averting an economic crisis
    and social unrest during the transition. But many believe it
    led to a holding structure too fragmented to be efficient,
    and that public efforts to consolidate plots are needed to
    lay the foundation for greater rural productivity. This
    paper uses farm-level data from the 2005 Albania Living
    Standards Measurement Survey to explore this quantitatively.

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    Albania, Europe, Southern Europe

    The present Law lays down certain amendments to Law No. 7715, which amended Land Law No. 7501 on land leasing. According to the new provisions hereby established, the decision of the Municipality or Community Council adopted in accordance with article 21 of Law No. 7501 shall be executive title of final instance.

    Amends: Law No. 7715 amending Land Law No. 7501 establishing land leasing. (1993-06-02)

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    Albania, Europe, Southern Europe

    This Act provides for the leasing of agricultural land, forest land, meadows and pastures that are property of the State. The Act consists of 18 articles and is divided into five chapters: general provisions, the contractual terms of leasing, the time terms of land leasing, the minimum size of land and the approval of request. Under article 1, the State may lease land under its ownership to national or foreign physical and juridical persons.

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    Albania, Europe, Southern Europe

    This Law consists of 59 sections divided into 11 Parts defining: Preliminary (Part I); Organization of the immovable property registration system and registration of immovable property (II); Maps, parcels and boundaries (III); First registration of an immovable property (IV); Certificate and searches (V); Registration of contracts of lease, mortgages, 'In Use' Titles and other interest in immovable property (VI); Servitudes, restrictive agreements and restrictions (VII); Rectification and compensation (VIII); Decision of registrar and appeals (IX); Fees and offences (X); Miscellaneous (XI).

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    Albania, Europe, Southern Europe

    This Law provides for the leasing of public agricultural and forest land. It consists of 18 articles establishing the procedures for leasing of such lands to citizens and contains rules relative to the lease and the conditions attached to lease including obligations of the lessee. 'Land' here means the land that is property of the State, classified in the fond of agriculture and forest land, pastures and meadows (art. 2).

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