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    March, 2016

    El presente Acuerdo modifica el Reglamento de la Ley de fortalecimiento de la camaricultura, respecto a las modalidades del proceso de Licenciamiento Ambiental, en aspectos relacionados con la Unidad Ejecutora del Proyecto Conjunto de Regularización de Fincas Camaroneras, cuyo personal técnico funcionará en las instalaciones físicas de la Secretaría de Agricultura y Ganadería (SAG), y cuya finalidad es permitir a las fincas que se dedican al cultivo del camarón operando en áreas nacionales, regularizar su situación legal y obtener por primera vez o en renovación su concesión o contrato de a

  2. Library Resource
    January, 2013

    This Act amends the Land Reform Act by addition of provisions (replacing sections 6,7 and 8) concerning, among other things; the certification of negotiator of land rights or land disputes of custom land owners; the identification of custom owners or disputing groups by the National Coordinator; consultation with the custom owners; procedures of the negotiation process including a custom owners’ consultation report; consent to a negotiated lease; notification of intention to register lease instrument; appointment of the Land Ombudsman; lodging of complaints with the Land Ombudsman; function

  3. Library Resource
    February, 2015

    Article 33 of the Land Code (No. 2768-III of 2001) shall be amended to add the following wording: “Land plots allotted for smallholding can be transferred by citizens for tenancy by legal entities of Ukraine and used by them for agricultural commodity production, farming without changing the specific use of these land plots”. Article 93 of the Land Code (No. 2768-III of 2001) shall be amended to add the following wording: “The term of lease of agricultural land for agricultural commodity production, farming and smallholding cannot be less than 7 years”. Article 72 of the Law No.

  4. Library Resource
    July, 2016

    El presente Acuerdo dispone que para obtener la Guía de embarque el interesado deberá contar con su Contrato de Arrendamiento y Certificado Ambiental vigente o tener en proceso la solicitud de Contrato de Arrendamiento y Certificado Ambiental de la finca camaronera enmarcada en la Ley de Fortalecimiento de la Camaricultura.

    Implementa: Acuerdo Nº 768-2014 ─ Reglamento de la Ley de fortalecimiento de la camaricultura. (2014-08-22)

  5. Library Resource
    Sri Lanka, Asia, Southern Asia

    This Act provides for the protection of the tenant cultivator's rights from any abuse or prevarication by the landowner. It prescribes the right of the tenant to be the first one informed about the sale of the paddy land he/she is cultivating, it forbids unlawful eviction from the cultivated land, it provides for the payment of rent and the exemption from payment in case paddy land has not been cultivated or has not produced any agricultural commodities for force majeure.

  6. Library Resource
    South Africa, Southern Africa, Africa

    This Act amends the Integrated Coastal Management Act, 2008 with respect to a wide variety of matters including composition coastal public property, access fees, purposes for which coastal public property is established, reclamation of land by public authorities for state infrastructure and other purposes, the declaration of state-owned land as coastal public property, establishment of coastal management lines for protection purposes, award of coastal use permits on coastal public property and unlawful structures on coastal public property.

  7. Library Resource
    Northern Mariana Islands, Oceania

    This Act restricts the use of public lands set aside for agricultural purposes to citizens of the Northern Mariana Islands and US nationals so as to prevent large-scale commercial exploitation of such lands which are scarce.Such lands as are leased or its use is permitted in accordance with the provisions of this Act and shall be developed in accordance with their most appropriate use or uses, i.e. either agricultural, aquacultural, maricultural, or animal husbandry.

  8. Library Resource
    France, Europe, Western Europe

    Le présent décret complète la liste des clauses relatives aux pratiques à caractère environnemental susceptibles d’être introduites dans les baux ruraux et leurs conditions de mise en œuvre et clarifie les cas dans lesquels il conviendra de se référer à la liste de ces clauses.

  9. Library Resource
    Australia, Oceania

    An Act amending Acts and amending provisions are subject to automatic repeal pursuant to sec 30C of the Interpretation Act 1987 No 15 once the amendments have taken effect. An Act to amend the Western Lands Act 1901 as a result of a statutory review under section 3B of that Act; and for other purposes.

    Amends: Western Lands Act 1901. (2016-11-14)
    Repeals: Western Lands Amendment Act 2002. (2009-04-08)

  10. Library Resource
    Australia, Oceania

    This Act, consisting of 52 sections divided into eleven Parts and completd by five Schedules, provides for the to establishment of an appropriate system of land tenure for the Western Division, for the establishment of a formal access network, by means of roads and rights of way, in the Western Division, for the definition of the rights and responsibilities of lessees and other persons with respect to the use of land in the Western Division and aims at ensuring that land in the Western Division is used in accordance with the principles of ecologically sustainable development.

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