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    National Policies
    October, 2010
    Papua New Guinea

    The Medium Term Development Plan 2011-2015 (MTDP) is a 5-year rolling development plan that sets the sector strategies, targets, deliverables and their projected estimated cost of implementation. The MTDP is aimed at translating the Papua New Guinea Development Strategic Plan 2010-2030 (PNGDSP) into tangible results.

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    March, 2016

    El presente Acuerdo modifica el Reglamento de la Ley de fortalecimiento de la camaricultura, respecto a las modalidades del proceso de Licenciamiento Ambiental, en aspectos relacionados con la Unidad Ejecutora del Proyecto Conjunto de Regularización de Fincas Camaroneras, cuyo personal técnico funcionará en las instalaciones físicas de la Secretaría de Agricultura y Ganadería (SAG), y cuya finalidad es permitir a las fincas que se dedican al cultivo del camarón operando en áreas nacionales, regularizar su situación legal y obtener por primera vez o en renovación su concesión o contrato de a

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    May, 2017

    This Act amends several provisions established for managing Crown land within the territory of New South Wales. Amendments consists in repealing Schedule 1; amending Schedule 2 on legislation referring to reserve trusts (such as: Betting and Racing Act 1998 (No. 114) and Cemeteries and Crematoria Act 2013 (No. 105); Schedule 3 on legislation relating to Crown roads; and Schedule 4 on other related legislation.

    Amends: Crown Land Management Act 2016. (2018-03-16)

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    November, 2016

    This Act, consisting of 136 sections divided into thirteen Parts and completed by eight Schedules, establishes the requirements to manage Crown land within the territory of New South Wales.

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    July, 2013

    This Regulation establishes that protection area of state nature biosphere reserve “Sokhondinsky” shall be established on adjacent areas with a view of protection of the protected area against negative anthropogenic impact. Land plots within the boundaries of protection area shall not be expropriated from landowners, land tenants, leaseholders and servitude holders and shall be management thereby in accordance with the established regime.

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    December, 2003

    This Regional Law sets forth the following priorities of land policy: (a) state regulation with a view of conservation of particularly valuable land categories, agricultural land and protected areas; (b) exercise of rights of residents in the sphere of land relations; (c) conservation of agricultural land; (d) ecofriendly methods of land tenure; and (d) conservation of traditional Cossack land tenure.

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    July, 1992
    Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

    This Act provides with respect to the management and conservation of forest resources in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. It also provides for the protection of water resources present in forest areas and lease of forest land.

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    June, 2016

    This Order establishes the modalities of reforestation with a view of restoration of deforested, destroyed and damaged forest areas. The scope of reforestation shall be restoration of forest plantations, conservation of biological diversity and conservation of environmental values of forests. Reforestation shall be performed in natural, artificial and combined (combination of natural and artificial reforestation) manner. Reforestation shall be performed on (a) forest plots allotted on lease for timber extraction; and (b) on other forest plots by state bodies and local government.

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    April, 2016

    Le présent arrêté fixe la gestion et l’utilisation des terres en Zone Économique Spéciale (SEZ), définies comme Zone géographique délimitée, sécurisée physiquement, administrée par un seul organe et offrant des conditions favorables à l’investissement portant notamment sur la mise en place d’une réglementation économique plus libérale et plus simplifiée permettant aux entreprises de s’y établir et d’y opérer.

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