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    Dominica, Caribbean, Americas

    This Act amends the National Parks and Protected Areas Act, 1975 in section designated national parks (listed in the Schedule to the principal Order) and on powers of the President to amend the Schedule for purposes of designating national parks or altering its boundaries or description. Leases to the State of lands included in a park shall be excluded from the park upon expiry of the lease.

    Amends: National Parks and Protected Areas Act, 1975. (1990)

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    An act relating to the administration and disposal of State lands.

    Dominica, Caribbean, Americas

    This Act deals with the administration and disposal of State lands which are defined as all lands other than forest reserves vested in the State, including all lands which have been escheated to the State or may be acquired by the State. A Director of Surveys and Commissioner of Lands shall be appointed to implement this Act. The Act provides for, inter alia, the sale, lease, etc. of State lands; accounting procedures; surveys; penalties for trespass and other offences; legal and administrative matters relating to the purchase of State lands.

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    Dominica, Caribbean, Americas

    These Regulations are arranged under the following headings: Short title (1); Interpretation (2); State lands officer (3); Register of State grants (4); Conditions attaching to sale of land (5); Conditions of agricultural lease (6); Applications (7); Advertisement of application and notice of sale (8); Price of State land (9); Payment (10); Completion of sale and issue of grant (11); Default in payment of purchase money (12); Special rules applicable to lands held by persons at sufferance and at will (13); Squatters (14).The first Schedule contains a model application form for the purchase

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