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    Jamaica, Americas, Caribbean

    This Order amends the Settled Land Act in section 54(8) so as to amend the monetary jurisdictional level of Resident Magistrates Courts. Section 54 defines jurisdiction that may be exercised by any Resident Magistrate’s Court. Such jurisdiction is limited by a maximum amount of the value of land, capital money or personal chattels to be dealt with in the Court.

    Amends: Settled Land Act. (1997)

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    Jamaica, Americas, Caribbean

    This Act provides the registration of titles and the appointment of the Registrar of Titles and contains various rules relative to title in land and other rights and interests in respect of land, transfer of titles, etc.The Governor-General shall appoint a Registrar of Titles, Deputy Registrars of Titles and a Panel of Referees of Titles. The Act provides for the lodging of caveats with the Registrar of Titles by persons claiming an interest in land forbidding the bringing of land under the working of this Act.

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    Jamaica, Americas, Caribbean

    Regulations to implement provisions of the Forests Act and to provide for various other matters.The 74 regulations are placed under the following headings: Preliminary (regs. 1-4); Forest roads (regs. 5-12); Forest fires (regs. 13-17); Trespass (regs. 18-29); Enforcement (regs. 30-39); Community catchment areas (regs. 40-45); Private forestry (regs. 46-52); Leases of forest estates (regs. 53-58); Forest recreation (regs. 59-61); General (regs. 62-74).Regulation 4 defines the contents of a forest management plan in the sense of section 8 of the Act.

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