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  1. Library Resource
    January, 1973
    Turks and Caicos Islands

    These Regulations implement provisions of the Land Survey Ordinance with respect to land survey and contain rules for the conduct of land surveys and drawing of relevant plans. They also concern resolution of disputes between the Chief Surveyor and authorised surveyors, the presentation of surveys and checking and authentication of surveys by the Chief Surveyor.

    Implements: Land Survey Ordinance (Cap. 09.03). (1997)

  2. Library Resource
    September, 1972
    Cayman Islands

    These Rules implement provisions of the Registered Land law by prescribing forms and the form of the register and by providing with respect to fees. A register shall be in one of the forms prescribed in the First Schedule. A land certificate and certificate of lease shall be in the forms prescribed in the Second Schedule. Other forms required to be used under the Law shall be in the forms prescribed in the Third Schedule. The Rules also define public officers for purposes of the Law. The fees payable under section 157(1) of the Law are prescribed in the Fourth Schedule.

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