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    Conference Papers & Reports
    December, 2017
    Russia, Latvia

    Lands of industrial regions are often subjected to long-term contamination with heavy metals such as cadmium, zinc, lead, copper etc. Heavy metals circulate mostly due to water flows, and in the areas with humid (micro) climate, the heavy metal pollution propagates from sources with increased intensity because of acidic environment and soil water logging. We established that natural or artificial drainage effectively increases the washout of heavy metal pollutants due to subsurface and groundwater flows.

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    Conference Papers & Reports
    December, 2017
    Kazakhstan, Latvia

    The agricultural lands have a special legal regime and are subject to the protection aimed at limiting the seizure of these lands, preserving and increasing their fertility. The area of lands of this category in the structure of land Fund accounts for 100.8 million hа, or 38.6% of used land. Their share in the land Fund of the regions ranges from 70-75% (North-Kazakhstan, Akmola region) to 10-20% (Kyzylorda, Atyrau region). It is mainly related to different climatic conditions and vast areas of desert and semi-desert rangelands.

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    Conference Papers & Reports
    December, 2010

    Both forestry theory and practice have proved that amelioration favours the growth of forest stands significantly. The growing stock increases even 10 times, if the amelioration system is well-functioning. Joint Stock Company Latvia State Forests that is managing half of forests in Latvia has started renovation of old amelioration systems aiming to improve the productivity of state owned forests in Latvia. In order to evaluate the impact of the renovation of the old amelioration systems, a tree ring width in 7 pine stands, 5 spruce stands and 3 birch stands was analysed.

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    January, 2014

    The protection of agricultural land is an important issue because the area of food production per capita will be decreasing by several estimations in the next decades. The planning measures to ensure the preservation of valuable arable land are among the objectives of county plans in Estonia. However, there is no clear methodology for determination of valuable agricultural land as of now. The aim of the study was to develop methodology in order to determine valuable agricultural lands in the frame of preparation of countywide spatial plans in Estonia.

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