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    Policy Papers & Briefs
    September, 2009

    Governance for Sustaining Himalayan Ecosystem (G-SHE): Guidelines and Best Practices is . This publication, which forms part of our broader climate change adaptation strategy, puts together key guidelines related to the governance and management of the Himalayan ecosystem, along with case studies.

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    India, Asia, Southern Asia

    This Act amends the Kerala Forest (Vesting and Management of Ecologically Fragile Lands) Act, 2003 by inserting two new sections 10A and 10B providing for dispute redressal in respect of lands having an extent of not more than two hectares and for the constitution of the Ecologically Fragile Land Claim Dispute Redressal Committee.

    Amends: Kerala Forest (Vesting and Management of Ecologically Fragile Lands) Act, 2003 (Act No. 21 of 2005). (2005)

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    An Act to provide for the vesting in the Government of ecologically fragile lands in the State of Kerala and for the management of such lands with a view to maintaining ecological balance and conserving the bio-diversity.

    India, Asia, Southern Asia

    This Act aims at transferring to and vesting in the Government the ownership and possession of all ecologically fragile lands held by any person in order to minimize the degradation of these ecosystems and their biological diversity.The Government shall have the right to declare any land to be ecologically fragile land which shall be deemed to be reserved forests according to the provisions of this Act.The Act provides for the constitution and functions of an Advisory Committee which shall be responsible for identifying ecologically fragile lands which shall then be managed by Forest Depart

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