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    June, 2016
    Papua New Guinea

    This Act establishes the Manam Resettlement Authority, defines its duties and powers and provides with respect to its administration and operation. The Authority shall be a body corporate and shall identify and acquire land for the resettlement of displaced persons in Manam Island. and shall be instrumental in aid and resettlement of people affected by disaster in Manam. The Department of Provincial and Local-level Government Affairs shall monitor the performance of the Authority.

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    January, 0001
    Papua New Guinea

    This Act provides with respect to local government in accordance with section 187B of the Constitution, which requires an Organic Law to provide for, or make provision in respect of, the form and the manner of establishment of the Provincial Governments and the Local-level Governments. The system of Provincial Governments established by this Organic Law applies to the government of the National Capital District and the provisions of this Organic Law relating to Provincial Governments apply to the National Capital District.

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    Papua New Guinea, Oceania

    This Act establishes the Conservation and Environment Protection Authority, defines powers and functions of the Authority, defines environmental conservation objects and principles and the functions and role of Minister under this Act and makes provision with respect to conservation and protection of the environment in accordance with the Fourth National Goal and Directive Principle (National Resources and Environment) of the Constitution.In exercising powers under and in relation to this Act or an environmental conservation law, the Minister or the Authority, as the case may be, shall have

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    Vanuatu, Oceania

    This Act applies to all kinds of pollution discharge in Vanuatu. Despite the provisions of any other Act, all persons and agencies having responsibilities under this Act, or whose functions and powers may relate to any matter or thing involving the environment, are to apply the precautionary principle. The Act sets out the Director of the Department of Environmental Protection and Conservation.

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    Solomon Islands, Oceania

    These Regulations concern various matters concerning the management and conservation of protected areas including marine areas. Prescribed classes of protected areas are: (a) nature reserves (b) national parks; (c) natural monuments; (d) resource management areas; (e) closed area. Any area within Solomon Islands that is listed under the Convention Concerning the Protection of World Cultural and Natural Heritage as a world heritage site shall be declared as a protected area under any or more of the classes of protected areas.

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    An Act to provide a framework for planning the use, development, management and protection of land in the Kingdom in the public interest and for related purposes.

    Tonga, Oceania

    This Act provides for spatial development of Tonga and in particular, among other things, provides for the fair, orderly, economic and sustainable use, development and management of land including the protection of natural and man-made resources and the maintenance of ecological processes and genetic diversity. It establishes the National Spatial Planning Authority and appoints the Minister for Lands as the Authority. The principal function of the Authority shall be the implementation of the provisions of this Act in accordance with its objectives.

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    An Act to amend the Environment Act.

    Papua New Guinea, Oceania

    This Act amends the Environment Act in section 2 (interpretation) by repealing the definitions of "Amendment Commencement Date"; "Authorisation Instrument"; and "Supplementary Approval" and by repealing sections 69A, 69B, 87A, 87B, 87C, 87D and 87E.

    Amends: Environment Act 2000 (No. 64 of 2000). (2006)

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    An Act to amend the Environmental Management and Conservation Act [CAP 283].

    Vanuatu, Oceania

    This Act amends various provisions of the Environmental Management and Conservation and changes its name to Environmental Protection and Conservation Act.

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    An Act to empower the President to declare a state of emergency.

    Fiji, Oceania

    This Act grants powers to the President of Fiji to proclaim a state of emergency in the whole or any part of the Fiji Islands.The President shall only proclaim an emergency on advice of the Cabinet. One of the reasons to proclaim an emergency is the occurrence of a natural disaster in respect of which the provisions of the Natural Disaster Management Act 1998 are inadequate. The Act also grants powers to the President to take, by Regulation, measures for the control of an emergency.

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    International Conventions or Treaties
    Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Oceania

    The Parties, on the basis Treaty between Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands concerning Sovereignty, Maritime and Seabed Boundaries between the two countries and co-operation on Related Matters, signed at Port Moresby on 25 January, 1989 (“the Treaty”), regulate various activities in the Border Area as defined by the Treaty and further defined in this Agreement.

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