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    November, 1961

    This Act defines the right and procedures to sue the Kingdom of Tonga and liability of the the Kingdom and related persons in tort. The Act also concerns legal proceedings, performance by the Kingdom and the execution of judgements.

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    July, 1980

    This Act makes provisions for the alienation of private (custom) land and the use of public land by custom users, the development of public land and various other matters relative to land titles, use and management.The Act consists of 24 sections divided into 13 Parts: Interpretation (1); Encumbrances (2); Alienated Land (3); Negotiations and Agreements Relating to Custom Land (4); Management of Land (5); Public Land (6); Compensation (6a); Registered Leases (7); Rights of Entry (8); Land Corporations (9); Roads (10); Use of Force and Damage (11); Regulations and Offences (12).The Minister

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    National Policies
    January, 2005

    The overall impact that the National Sustainable Development Strategy (NSDS) seeks to make is captured in the people’s vision for development and is stated as follows: “A future where individual, community, business and government partnerships contribute to a sustainable quality of life for all Nauruans”.The five long-term goals for Nauru remain unchanged from the 2005 NSDS.

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    March, 2016
    Cook Islands

    These Regulations amend the Leases Restrictions Regulations 1977 by inserting new provisions in regulation 19 (added to the principal Regulations by the Leases Restrictions (Amendment) Regulations 2006) concerning grant of approval by the Tribunal to any lease or sublease or assignment of lease or assignment of sublease to. Approval may be granted to the government of New Zealand and any agency of that government at certain conditions.

    Amends: Leases Restrictions Regulations 1977. (1977-05-18)

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    December, 2016
    Papua New Guinea

    This Act amends the Land Act in section 70 by deleting the word "prescribed". Section 70 deals with how an application for a state lease shall be made. It now reads: "An application for a State lease shall - (a) be made in the approved form, and (b) be accompanied by the fee for the registration of the application.

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    June, 2016
    Papua New Guinea

    This Act establishes the Manam Resettlement Authority, defines its duties and powers and provides with respect to its administration and operation. The Authority shall be a body corporate and shall identify and acquire land for the resettlement of displaced persons in Manam Island. and shall be instrumental in aid and resettlement of people affected by disaster in Manam. The Department of Provincial and Local-level Government Affairs shall monitor the performance of the Authority.

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    Samoa, Oceania

    This Act provides rules for the registration of title or other interests in land and related matters and provides for the form of transfer of title in land or other interest in land such as mortgages, caveats, leases and easements.There shall continue to be a Registrar of Land who shall be the Chief Executive Officer responsible for the administration of this Act. The Registrar may delegate the Registrar’s powers and functions to the Assistant Registrar of Land.

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    Samoa, Oceania

    This Act provides within the framework of privatisation, with respect to an exchange of land of the Government and the Corporation. The Act also provides that all of the estates and interests of the Corporation in all lands in Samoa held by it shall vest in such person as shall be determined by the Head of State acting on the advice of Cabinet by Order.

    Amends: Samoa Trust Estates Corporation Act 1977. (2012)

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    Solomon Islands, Oceania

    For the purposes of this Act there is hereby established an office to be known as the Central Land Record Office which shall be responsible for the administration of the provisions of this Act and be the central repository of copies of all records of customary land holdings. These offices shall be managed by the Judicial and Legal Service Commission acting as National Recorder. Tasks of the National Recorder are set out in section 7 and include registration of customary land. "Customary land" has the meaning ascribed thereto in section 2 of the Land and Titles Act Titles.

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    Vanuatu, Oceania

    “Director” now means the Director of the department responsible for land" (sect. 1). Section 3, here repealed, concerned the appointment of the Director of Land Records. Consequentially, a reference in any other Act or instrument to the Director of Lands Records shall be to be a reference to the Director of the department responsible for land. The new section 32B empowers the Minister to extend the term of a lease of public land that is less than 75 years to 75 years, subject to fulfilment of certain conditions.

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