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    January, 1985

    These Regulations implement various provisions of the land Surveyors Act.

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    February, 1985

    This Act provides rules relative to the carrying out of land survey and creates the Land Surveyors Board. The Board shall maintain a register of surveyors, determine the qualifications and experience of surveyors and hear and determine disciplinary proceedings against surveyors in accordance with the provisions of this Act.

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    March, 1984

    This Act makes provision with respect to the creation and registration of leases. There shall be a Land Leases Register for the registration of each lease required to be registered by this Act. The Act defines various conditions applying to a registered lease and the effects of registration. Other provisions of this Act concern other titles in land such as mortgages and easements, co-ownership, transmission, trusts, and cautions.

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    December, 2016
    Papua New Guinea

    This Act amends the Survey Act in provisions relating to fees for registration and other acts relating to surveying. The word "prescribed" in relation to fees is cancelled in sections 19, 19A, 19B, and 19C.

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    Samoa, Oceania

    This Act provides rules for the registration of title or other interests in land and related matters and provides for the form of transfer of title in land or other interest in land such as mortgages, caveats, leases and easements.There shall continue to be a Registrar of Land who shall be the Chief Executive Officer responsible for the administration of this Act. The Registrar may delegate the Registrar’s powers and functions to the Assistant Registrar of Land.

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    Samoa, Oceania

    This Act makes provision for the subdivision of land by a registered proprietor of a freehold estate or a leasehold estate in land that is subject to the Land Titles Registration Act 2008. The subdivision of land so as to provide for units shall be effected by approval under the Survey Act 2010 of a plan, which shall be drafted in accordance with this Act. Upon the approval of a unit plan, a common property in the plan vests in the body corporate created on approval of the plan.

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    Samoa, Oceania

    This Act provides for land administration and other matters relating to land, the protection of the environment and several matters relating to the conservation of wildlife and fisheries resources.The Act consists of General Administration (I); Surveys (II); Purchase and Development of Land (III); Classification and Alienation of Government Land (IV); Leases (V); Renewal of Renewable Leases and Reassessments (VI); Remissions, Revaluations, Forfeitures (VII); Conservation and Environment (VIII); Miscellaneous (IX).

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    Vanuatu, Oceania

    “Director” now means the Director of the department responsible for land". Section 2, here repealed, concerned the Director of Land Surveys. Consequentially, a reference in any other Act or instrument to the Director of Land Surveys shall be a reference to the Director of the department responsible for land.

    Amends: Land Surveyors Act (Cap. 175). (1988)

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    An Act to regulate the practice of land surveys by the registration and licensing of qualified land surveyors and the prescription of requirements for land surveys and for plans of subdivision, and for related purposes.

    Samoa, Oceania

    This Act provides for rules for the practice of land surveys by qualified land surveyors who are registered and licensed under this Act. It concerns in particular survey plans and the conduct of surveys. It also defines the functions of the Ministry responsible for lands for purposes of this Act and establishes the Land Professionals Registration Committee (Survey) and the Samoan Institute of Land Professionals.

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    An Act relating to native land and registration of title thereto.

    Tuvalu, Oceania

    This Act provides for title and registration of rights in native land.The Act consists of 65 sections divided into 9 Parts: Preliminary (I); Titles to native land (II); Alienation (III); The Land Court (IV); Lands Code (V); Leases (VI); Survey (VII); Penalties (VIII); General (IX).Section 4 concerns indefeasibility of title of native title subject to specified conditions. Subject to the provisions of this Ordinance native land shall not be alienated, whether by sale, gift, lease or otherwise, to a person who is not a native (sect. 5).

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