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  1. Library Resource
    May, 2015
    Solomon Islands

    This Act amends the Land and Titles Act by inserting a new section (142A), which makes provision with respect to resumption of fixed-term estates created under section 100 of the principal Act. The Land Board may resume all or part of the estate to use the relevant land for public purposes by: (a) giving the owner of the estate 6 months written notice of the resumption; and (b) paying the owner reasonable compensation for the resumption. The section sets out the consideration for determining the amount of reasonable compensation.

    Amends: Land and Titles Act. (2005-03-21)

  2. Library Resource
    Samoa, Oceania

    The Act concerns claims enforceable by or against the Government and related civil proceedings. Subject to this Act and any other Act, all debts, damages, duties, sums of money, land, or goods, due, payable or belonging to the Government, is to be sued for and recovered by proceedings taken for that purpose in accordance with the provisions of this Act.

  3. Library Resource
    Vanuatu, Oceania

    This Act amends the Land Acquisition Act by inserting a new section (7A), which gives power to the Minister to stop an acquisition process if he or she is satisfied that the proposed acquisition could be detrimental to the State. It also amends section 9 on matters to be considered in determining compensation.

    Amends: Land Acquisition Act (Cap. 215). (2006)

  4. Library Resource
    Solomon Islands, Oceania

    This Act amends the Crown Proceedings Act: in section 33(2) by deleting paragraph "(f)" thereof; by insertion of a new section 32A relative to the right of any set-off or counterclaim in any proceedings by the Crown.

    Amends: Crown Proceedings Act. (1998)

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