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  1. Library Resource

    An Act to repeal the Urban Land Act No. 23 of 1993.

    Vanuatu, Oceania

    This Act completely repeals the Urban Land Act No. 23 of 1993.

    Repeals: Urban Lands Act (No. 23 of 1993). (1993-09-06)

  2. Library Resource
    Fiji, Oceania

    These Regulations shall apply to all town planning areas constituted under the Act, excepting those areas in respect of which a scheme has been approved under section 24 of the Act. Subject to the subsequent provisions of these Regulations, development of any class specified in the First and Second Schedules is permitted by these Regulations and may be undertaken upon land to which these Regulations apply, without the express permission of the local authority under section 6 of the Act.

  3. Library Resource
    Fiji, Oceania

    A scheme submitted to the Director for provisional approval shall be accompanied by basic survey maps and an explanatory report in accordance with the requirements specified by the Director. Such scheme shall include all information set out in these Regulations (reg. 3). When the Director has provisionally or finally approved a scheme in accordance with the Act, the local authority shall publicly notify the scheme as provided for in regulation 4 and the Schedule. (4 regulations and 1 Schedule)

    Implements: Town Planning Act. (1966)

  4. Library Resource

    An Act relating to town planning.

    Fiji, Oceania

    The Ordinance consists of 45 sections divided into 6 Parts: Preliminary (I), Town Planning Schemes (II); Powers of Local Authorities (III); Compensation for injurious affection and claims for increase in value (IV); Purchase and compulsory acquisition of land (V); Miscellaneous (VI).The Town Planning Board is constituted under section 3. Upon application of the Board or any local authority, the Governor may constitute town planning areas under section 5. Development on land in town planning areas requires a permission of the local authority under section 6.

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