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    Tonga, Oceania

    This Act defines the liability of an occupier of a leased area or premises. Section 1 of this Act shall bind the Crown, but as regards the Crown's liability in tort shall not bind the Crown further than the Crown is made liable in tort by the Crown Proceedings Act 1947.

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    Samoa, Oceania

    This Act provides for land administration and other matters relating to land, the protection of the environment and several matters relating to the conservation of wildlife and fisheries resources.The Act consists of General Administration (I); Surveys (II); Purchase and Development of Land (III); Classification and Alienation of Government Land (IV); Leases (V); Renewal of Renewable Leases and Reassessments (VI); Remissions, Revaluations, Forfeitures (VII); Conservation and Environment (VIII); Miscellaneous (IX).

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    Cook Islands, Oceania

    The Act amends the Penrhyn (Naharakura Lease) Facilitation Act 1992 by inserting a new section (3A), which empowers, after due consultations, the Queen's Representative to vary, by Order in Executive Council, the Deed of Lease as referred to in section 3

    Amends: Penrhyn (Naharakura Lease) Facilitation Act 1992 (No. 12 of 1992). (1992-12-21)

  4. Library Resource
    Vanuatu, Oceania

    This Act amends the Preservation of Sites and Artefacts Act [CAP 39] in relation with the classification of objects and sites, the protection of classified sites or objects, appointment of Heritage Inspectors and the definition of their powers. The Minister may, after consultation with the Vanuatu National Cultural Council, classify as national heritage any site or object of: (a) historical significance; or (b) archaeological significance; or (c) ethnological significance; or (d) artistic significance. A register of classified sites and objects shall be kept by the Vanuatu Cultural Centre.

  5. Library Resource
    Cook Islands, Oceania

    This Act defines: the liability of an occupier of a leased area or premises including a leased or licensed area under the Marine Farming Act 1971 in respect of visitors or licensees of the leased premises; and the relationship with respect to liability between a tenant and landlord. The Act also defines some duties of a landlord with respect to maintenance of the leased premises.

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    Cook Islands, Oceania

    This Act amends the Leases Restrictions Act 1976 in section 2 by the defining "Minister" as the Minister of Justice. It also redefines the functions of Leases Approval Tribunal, repeals section 6 inserts a new section by stipulating that nothing in the Unit Titles Act 2005 shall affect the principal Act.

    Amends: Leases Restrictions Act (Act No. 22 of 1976). (1976-11-30)

  7. Library Resource
    Fiji, Oceania

    This Decree amends the Local Government Act by repealing section 71A and replacing it with a new provision. Section 71A defines "registered lease" for the purpose of rating of land.

    Amends: Local Government Act (Cap. 125). (1983)

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