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    December, 2004

    The Regulation, which consists of 10 articles, provides for the establishment of tourism centers in different areas of the State. In particular, the Regulation divides the areas, based on capability to provide services for tourists, in four levels as follows: international level, national level, provincial level, and domestic level. The ‘Cultural heritage Organization’ determines the requirements for the establishment of the tourism centers on each level.

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    Ireland, Europe, Northern Europe

    This Act establishes a Property Registration Authority, defines its functions and powers and internal organization and provides for the registration of deeds, i.e. documents by which an estate or interest in land is created, transferred, charged or otherwise affected.

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    Iran, Western Asia, Asia, Southern Asia

    The Regulation, which consists of 15 articles, regulates provisions on territorial spatial planning.

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    Ireland, Europe, Northern Europe

    These Rules amend the Registration of Deeds Rules 2008 so as to provide for the registration of judgment mortgages pursuant to section 116 of the Land and Conveyancing Law Reform Act 2006. It prescribes forms for application for registration of a discharge or release or partial discharge or partial release of a mortgage and the application for registration of a receipt on a mortgage.

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