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    Kenya, Eastern Africa, Africa

    This Notice requires a surveyor duly licensed as a surveyor under or by virtue of the provision of the Survey Act to always maintain the high standard of conduct appropriate to his or her professional status, and not conduct himself or herself in a manner that would, in the opinion of the Land Surveyors Board prejudice that status or the reputation. It also prohibits conduct of incompatible business and prescribes some other rules of conduct.

    Implements: Survey Act (Cap. 299). (2000)

  2. Library Resource
    Kenya, Eastern Africa, Africa

    This Act makes provision for the public control and organization of the survey of land and for other related matters. The Act consists of 46 sections divided into 10 Parts.As for administration, there shall be a Director of Surveys and such other officers as may be deemed to be necessary for the purposes of this Act. Also a Land Surveyors' Board is established. The Board shall principally appoint and control licensed surveyors. Surveyors, in order to become a licensed surveyor, shall submit to examination and be registered by the Board.

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