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    Australia, Oceania

    An Act to provide for the introduction of animals and plants, for the establishment of fences to protect agricultural land ad for the management of stock routes. It consists of 247 sections and is divided into 12 Parts. Part 1 contains preliminary provisions, including definitions of terms under the Act. Part 2 concerns the administration of the Act, Part 3 provides for the establishment of the Rural Land Protection Board and regulates its operation and Part 4 points out the functions and powers of local governments. Part 5 is dedicated to declared plants and animals and their management.

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    Australia, Oceania

    This Act, consisting of 107 sections, divided into nine Parts and completed by one Schedule, aims to: (a) identify areas of Queensland that are of regional interest (including priority agricultural area, priority living area, strategic cropping area and strategic environmental area) because they contribute, or are likely to contribute, to Queensland’s economic, social and environmental prosperity; (b) give effect to the policies about matters of State interest stated in regional plans; and (c) manage, including in ways identified in regional plans— (i) the impact of resource activities and

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    An Act about land that is highly suitable for cropping, and to amend the Environmental Protection Act 1994 and the Sustainable Planning Regulation 2009 for particular purposes.

    Australia, Oceania

    This Act, consisting of 292 sections divided into nine Chapters, aims to protect land that is highly suitable for cropping; manage the impacts of development on that land; and preserve the productive capacity of that land for future generations.

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    Australia, Oceania

    This regulation implements the Liens on Crops of Sugar Cane Act 1931. It specifies particulars to be included in the register (sect. 2), the way of applying for registration (sect. 3), the inspection of register (sect. 4) and fees (sect. 6). The regulation is completed by one schedule setting the values of fees to be paid under the Act.

    Implements: Liens on Crops of Sugar Cane Act 1931. (2005-01-01)

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    An Act to amend the laws relating to liens upon crops of sugar cane, and for other purposes consequent thereon.

    Australia, Oceania

    This Act amends the laws relating to liens upon sugar cane. In the Act, lien “means the charge (made enforceable under this Act when registered and while subsisting) whereby any crop and the proceeds thereof become security for the discharge of any debt or obligation (sect. 2). Section 5 requires the chief executive to keep a register of all liens, other sections concern the operation of the register (sect. 6 to 7R) and matters related to liens.

    Implemented by: Liens on Crops of Sugar Cane Regulation 1999. (2008-09-01)

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