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    This Act provides generally the forms of ownership and types of property in the USSR. Union and autonomous Republics are to promulgate more detailed legislation within this framework, especially regarding the possession, use and disposition of land and other natural resources on their territories. The Act defines property which may be in ownership, including land, its minerals, water, flora and fauna. The Act permits joint ventures and foreign ownership. The Act identifies the ownership rights of collective associations, and individual citizens within those collectives.

  2. Library Resource

    An Act instituting a comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program to promote social justice and industrialization, providing the mechanism for its implementation, and for other purposes.

    Philippines, South-Eastern Asia, Asia

    The Act consists of 78 sections, divided into 15 Chapters.(A) Policy Framework. It is the stated policy of the state to see to the welfare of the landless farmers and farmworkers, and to establish the owner-cultivatorship of economic-size farms as the basis of Philippine agriculture. To this end, and Agrarian Reform Program which is based on the right of landless farmers and farmworkers to own the land they till, or to receive a fair share of the fruits of their labour.

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    Jamaica, Americas, Caribbean

    The 63 sections of the Act are divided into a title provision and 3 Parts: Public Water Supply (I); Jamaica Parishes Water Supply Loans (II); Miscellaneous Provisions (III). Part I is subdivided into the following headings: Construction of Works; Acquisition etc. of Land; Financial; Rates and Charges; Water Supply Accounts; Management; Legal; Offences etc.It shall be lawful for the Parish Council to apply to the Minister responsible for domestic water supplies to authorize construction of waterworks under this Act.

  4. Library Resource

    An Act to consolidate and amend the law relating to the conservation of soil resources and to facilitate the implementation of soil conservation measures by landholders for the mitigation of soil erosion.

    Australia, Oceania

    This Act consist of 7 Parts divided into 41 sections: Preliminary (1), Administration (2), Approved Property Plans (3), Project Areas (4), Objections and Appeals (5), Financial Assistance (6), General Provisions (7). The Act vests powers in the chief executive of Primary Industries relating to soil conservation to facilitate the implementation of soil conservation by land holders. The main instruments are property plans, run-off coordination notices, project plans for project areas and soil conservation orders.

  5. Library Resource
    Belize, Americas, Central America

    The Ordinance consists of 19 articles that are divided into three Parts: Preliminary (I); Subdivision (II) and Utilization (III). No person may subdivide any land to which this Act applies except in accordance with the provisions contained in the Act. Part III empowers the Minister to make regulations for the better utilization of land regarding, inter alia, the prohibition of land clearing within demarcated catchment areas, measures to prevent soil erosion, restrictions on construction and the demarcation of special development areas.

  6. Library Resource

    A Law to provide for town and country planning, for regulating the use and controling and promoting the development of immovable property and for matters connected therewith or incidental thereto.

    Cyprus, Western Asia

    This Law provides for town and country planning, for regulating the use, controlling and promoting the development of immovable property. The authority competent ("planning authority") for the purposes of this Law shall be, as the case may be, the Minister of Finance (as far as Part II is concerned) and the Minister of Interior elsewhere; however, the expression "the Minister" shall include any person, body or authority delegated by the Minister to exercise his functions under this Law.

  7. Library Resource
    Cyprus, Western Asia

    The 36 sections are arranged under the following Headings: Provisional Committee and Preparation of Scheme for Soil Conservation; First Meeting of Proprietors and Approval of Soil Conservation Scheme; Rules, Regulations and General Powers of Boards; Acquisition of Property and Entry upon Land; Miscellaneous.

  8. Library Resource
    Estonia, Europe, Northern Europe

    The Land Reform Act determines the bases for restructuring relations regarding land (land reform). Based on the continuity of rights of former owners and the interests of current land users that are protected by law, and to establish preconditions for more effective use of land, the objective of land reform is to transform relations based on state ownership of land into relations primarily based on private ownership of land.

  9. Library Resource

    An Act to provide for the better utilisation of land in designated areas by land planning and soil conservation and for the establishment of committees for purposes incidental to this.

    Ghana, Africa, Western Africa

    This Act establishes committees with powers to preserve and reclaim land and to protect water resources in approved areas of the Gold Coast. The Minister may declare, for the purposes of preserving land, reclaiming land and protecting water resources, any area within a designated area to be a planning area and establish a planning committee for such area (sect. 3 and 4).

  10. Library Resource
    Fiji, Oceania

    The Act makes provisions for the conservation and improvement of the land and water resources. It establishes the Land Conservation Board (sect. 3) to exercise general supervision over land and water resources (sect. 5a) and to make conservation orders (sect. 7), closing orders (sect. 8) and orders to do work (sect. 9). Conservation Committees may be established to advise the Board. (23 sections)

    Implemented by: Conservation Orders. (1985)
    Implemented by: Land Conservation and Improvement (Fire Hazard Period) Order. (1985)

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