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    Azerbaijan, Western Asia, Asia

    The Land Code (115 articles) is divided into 16 sections: General Provisions (1), Rights and obligations of proprietors (2), Farmland (3), Landownership, landholding and land use (4), Land of settlements (5), Land for industry, transportation, communication and other purposes (6), Land in sub-urban and green zones (7), Land of forest, water bodies and the land reserve (8), Damages (9), Land protection (10), Monitoring the use and protection of land (11), State land records (12), Land management (13), Settlement of disputes (14), Accountability (15) and International treaties (16).The Code o

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    An Act made to amend and consolidate the Lands Act.

    Nepal, Asia, Southern Asia

    The Act consists of 11 Chapters divided into 64 articles: Preliminary (I); Abolition of Jimidari (II); Ceilings of Land (III); Acquisition of Land in Excess of Upper Ceiling (IV); Compensation (V); Sale and Disposal of Land (VI); Provisions Relating to Tenant (VII); Provisions on Rent (VIII); Provisions on Compulsory Saving and Debt (IX); Provisions Relating to Land-Use, Control of Land Fragmentation and Plotting (Chaklabandi) (IXA); Authorities and Procedures (X); Miscellaneous (XI).This Act abolishes the Jimidari system for the collection of land taxes.

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    An Act to provide for the vesting in certain Aboriginal communities of certain land at Lake Condah and Framlingham owned by the State of Victoria, and for related purposes.

    Australia, Oceania

    This Act, consisting of 41 sections and completed by two Schedules, provides also for the management of the land vested in Aboriginal Corporations.The sections of this Act are divided into 7 Parts: Preliminary (I); Vesting of Condah Land and Framlingham Forest (II); Management of Condah land (III); Management of Framlingham Forest (IV); Mining (V); Trust Funds (VI); Miscellaneous (VII).On the commencement of this Act, Framlingham Forest, shall be vested in the Kirrae Whurrong Aboriginal Corporation.

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    An Act respecting the demarcation of land boundaries and related matters.

    Barbados, Americas, Caribbean

    The Act provides for powers of land surveyors to carry out land survey of boundaries of estates and for procedures of such survey, the review of surveys and the inclusion of surveys in survey plans. Notice of land survey shall be given 7 days prior to survey and shall be in the form as set out in the First Schedule. A warrant of land survey shall be issued in a prescribed form by a judge if survey is carried out to establish boundaries of adjoining lands in order to resolve a land dispute (sect. 6).

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    An Act to make further provision with respect to tenancies which include agricultural land.

    United Kingdom, Europe, Northern Europe

    An Act to make provision for farm business tenancies which begin after 1 September 1995. Section 4 excludes in part the Agricultural Holding Act, 1986 to tenancies covered by the present Act. Sections 5 to 7 provide rules for the termination of tenancies. Tenancies continuing for more than two years shall afterwards continue from year to year unless terminated by notice (sect. 5). Section 8 recognizes the right of a tenant to remove buildings and fixtures.

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    An Act to consolidate and amend the laws relating to the survey of land.

    Zimbabwe, Africa, Eastern Africa

    This Act provides rules relative to the survey of land. consists of 49 sections which are divided into 9 Parts: Preliminary (I); Administration (II); Recognition and Duties of Land Surveyors (III); Original Surveys and Re-surveys (IV); Division Surveys (V); Townships (VI); Beacons and Boundaries (VII); General Plans and Diagrams (VIII); Miscellaneous (IX).At Harare a Surveyor-General's Office is established (sect. 7). A Survey Regulations Board is established under section 8. The Board may make Regulations, with approval of the Minister, prescribing matters specified in section 9.

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    An Act to make provision for the limitation of actions.

    Antigua and Barbuda, Caribbean, Americas

    This Act gives the ordinary time limits for bringing actions of the various classes mentioned in the Act and section 33 extends the applicability of the Act also to arbitration. Actions include various actions in respect of land: section 17 provides for the time limit for an action to recover land or rent (time limit of 12 years but does not apply to Crown land (sect. 17). Section 20 declares that provisions of the Act shall apply to equitable interests in land, including interests in the proceeds of the sale of land held upon trust for sale and to legal estates.

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    An Act to consolidate and amend certain enactments of the Parliament of New Zealand relating to the lands of the Crown in New Zealand.

    New Zealand, Oceania

    This Act governs the alienation, development, classification and leasing of Crown lands and is divided into 13 Parts and 2 Schedules as follows: General administration (I); Surveys (II); Purchase and development of land (III); Classification and alienation of Crown land (IV); Leases and licences (V); Advances to Crown tenants (VI); Acquisition of fee simple and modification of existing leases and licences (VII); Renewals of renewable leases (VIII); Remissions, revaluations, forfeitures (IX); Servicemen and discharged servicemen (X); Licences for timber, flax, minerals and other purposes (XI

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    An Act to make provision authorising the acquisition of property for public and other purposes and for settling the amount of any compensation to be paid or any matter in difference.

    Eswatini, Southern Africa, Africa

    The Act establishes the procedure for the acquisition of any real property needed for public purposes, and, in the case of immovable property, for the acquisition by freehold title or by leasehold. The procedure includes, inter alia, preliminary investigations, notice of intention to take property to the persons concerned, power to take possession.

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    An Act to regulate the rights of agricultural landowners, tenants and sharefarmers and to provide for the determination by arbitration of disputes between them; to repeal the Agricultural Holdings Act 1941; and for other purposes.

    Australia, Oceania

    Objects of this Act are inter alia: (a) to encourage agricultural landowners and their tenants and sharefarmers to make suitable and adequate provision to protect properties from deterioration; (b) to permit and encourage the parties to make their own agreements regarding compensation for stored products, for tenants' fixtures and other matters; (c) to provide basic provisions between the parties where they fail to make their own agreement, or where their agreement is unreasonable; (d) to provide for compulsory arbitration outside the court system for resolving by an arbitration committee a

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