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    The Case of Bioshape, Kilwa District

    Peer-reviewed publication
    November, 2013

     One of the most wellknown biofuel investments was that of Bioshape, which acquired approximately 34,000 ha in Kilwa District for the cultivation of jatropha.

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    Links between tenure security and food security: Evidence from Ethiopia cover image
    Reports & Research
    October, 2013

    This study uses five rounds of household panel data from Tigray, Ethiopia, collected in the period 1998–2010 to assess the impacts of a land registration and certification program that aimed to strengthen tenure security and how it has contributed to increased food availability and, thus, food security in this food-deficit region.

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    Women’s empowerment and nutrition: An evidence review cover image
    Reports & Research
    October, 2013

    This paper starts by reflecting on the concept and measurement of women’s empowerment and then reviews some of the structural interventions that aim to influence underlying gender norms in society and eradicate gender discrimination. It then proceeds to review the evidence of the impact of three types of interventions—cash transfer programs, agricultural interventions, and microfinance programs—on women’s empowerment, nutrition, or both.

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    Programa De Pesquisa Sobre Delimitação De Terras Comunitárias

    Reports & Research
    October, 2013

    O presente Relatório descreve a forma como o projecto Pro-Terras Comunitárias foi implementado. Em particular, o projecto descreve as causas da realização desta pesquisa, a metodologia usada, analisa os dados obtidos e produz recomendações sobre como melhor proteger os direitos das comunidades e dos grupos vulneráveis. Este projecto foi implementado em 20 comunidades dos distritos de Jangamo, Homoine e Morrumbene, localizados na província de Inhambane e teve a duração de 18 meses.


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    Reports & Research
    October, 2013

    The objective of this study and mission was to contribute to an understanding of and assist in developing consensus around the opportunities and challenges to Mozambique‟s economic competitiveness and growth as a result of the current resource boom. The mission identified competitiveness and growth challenges and issues, and prepared draft scopes of work for further research on competitiveness and growth in Mozambique in the context of potential “Dutch Disease”.

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    Reports & Research
    October, 2013

    O objectivo deste estudo e desta missão é contribuir para a compreensão e ajudar no desenvolvimento de um consenso sobre as oportunidades e desafios colocados à competitividade e ao crescimento económico de Moçambique, como resultado da actual grande expansão de exploração de recursos naturais. A missão identificou a competitividade, os desafios e os problemas de crescimento, e preparou esboços de trabalho para futuras pesquisas sobre a competitividade e o crescimento em Moçambique, no contexto da potencial “Doença Holandesa”.

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    October, 2013
    Haiti, Central America, South America

    CIAT - International Center for Tropical Agriculture. Achieving Sustainable Agricultural Production in Haiti. In collaboration with international and local partners to assist with Haiti’s severe food production constraints in three major areas:

    Seed Solutions for Food Security

    Improved seeds of staple crops are a major leverage point for change in agriculture. By giving higher and more stable yields, they offer short-term benefits, which open the way toward a more profound transformation.

    Resilient System Solutions for Sustainable Growth

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