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    International Conventions or Treaties
    Mali, Niger, Africa, Western Africa

    Par cet accord la République du Niger et la République du Mali fixent la réglementation du transit du bétail malien à travers le territoire du Niger. Sont, notamment, indiqués: les documents à produire, les itinéraires à suivre, les délais de route pour la traversée du territoire nigerien, la période pendant laquelle la traversée est autorisée, le nombre de têtes par convois. La vente des animaux en transit est interdite et toute perte de bétail doit être déclarée aux autorités compétentes.

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    International Conventions or Treaties
    Hungary, Ukraine, Eastern Europe, Europe

    The contracting parties propose to develop cooperation in the fields of environmental protection, sustainable use of natural resources and town and country planning. They promote the development of economic, scentific and technical relations, and support new initiatives and agreements aiming to contribute towards the resolution of global and regional ecological and environmental problems. The Hungarian-Ukraine Environmental Protection and Country-planning Cooperation Commission is established for the elaboration and implementation of cooperation programmes.

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    International Conventions or Treaties
    Hungary, Turkey, Eastern Europe, Europe, Western Asia, Asia

    The contracting parties propose to develop cooperation in the field of environmental protection and restoration. Priority areas are air pollution, harmonization of national, regional and international law, neutralization of wastes and recycling, protection of water quality, protection against noise and vibration, protection of biodiversity, exchange of information regarding soil conservation and energy use, protected areas and their utilization, EIA, training, exchange of information regarding the implementation of EC environmental directives.

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    International Conventions or Treaties
    Hungary, Norway, Eastern Europe, Europe, Northern Europe

    The Parties shall cooperate on environmental policy and management, town and country planning, reduction of environmental pollution, nature protection and cultural heritage, environmental monitoring and information systems, education and propaganda. A permanent Hungarian-Norwegian Workgroup is established for the implementation of this Agreement. The Agreement is in force for five years and shall be automatically extended for a further five years unless one of the Parties rescinds it three months before expiry.

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    International Conventions or Treaties
    France, Switzerland, Europe, Western Europe

    Ce décret porte publication de la lettre française portant dénonciation de l'arrangement ayant été conclu à Berne le 23 octobre 1912, entre la France et la Suisse, pour le pacage sur les pâturages situés des deux côtés de la frontière. Celui-ci sera abrogé un an après la date de la lettre de dénonciation, à savoir le 12 janvier 1996 (donc le 12 janvier 1997).

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    International Conventions or Treaties
    Liberia, United Kingdom, Europe, Africa, Northern Europe, Western Africa

    No tribe or person established on one side of the boundary shall be allowed to hunt or farm on the lands of the other side; but such operations as the cutting of thatch or sticks for the building of huts and fishing in the streams adjacent to the boundary shall be permitted where such rights have hitherto existed: Provided that such permission shall not entitle any person to reap or get products of commercial value.

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    International Conventions or Treaties
    Burkina Faso, Mauritania, Gambia, Mali, Guinea-Bissau, Senegal, Chad, Niger, Cape Verde, Western Africa, Africa, Middle Africa

    Cette Convention réaffirme la création du Comité Permanent Inter-Etats de Lutte contre la Sécheresse dans le Sahel (CILSS), organisation internationale ayant pour mandat de s'investir dans la recherche de la sécurité alimentaire et dans la lutte contre les effets de la sécheresse et la désertification pour un nouvel équilibre écologique.

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    International Conventions or Treaties
    Monaco, Liechtenstein, France, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Austria, Slovenia, Western Europe, Europe, Eastern Europe, Southern Europe, Northern Europe

    The Convention shall cover the Alpine region, as described in the Annex. The Contracting Parties shall take appropriate measures among others on population and culture, regional planning, prevention of air pollution, soil conservation and water management. The Contracting Parties shall pursue a comprehensive policy for the preservation and protection of the Alps by applying the principles of prevention, and cooperation, through the prudent and sustained use of resources.

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    International Conventions or Treaties
    Slovakia, Czech Republic, Eastern Europe, Europe

    Determined to develop their relationship on the principle of mutuality in the interest of the harmonious development and prosperity of agriculture, food industry, forestry, and water economy, the Contracting Parties have agreed to coordinate their respective agricultural policies with respect to export subsidies, tax policies, prices, subsidy policy, operations of the market regulation funds, and other market-organization tools. Agricultural policy coordination will consist of a mutual exchange of information, consultations, and a coordinated approach to matters of common interest.

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    اتفاقية بين حكومة المملكة العربية السعودية ودولة الكويت بشأن المنطقة المغمورة المتاخمة للمنطقة المحايدة المقسومة بينهما

    International Conventions or Treaties
    Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Western Asia

    Articles 1 to 4 specify the coordinates of the line dividing the submerged area adjacent to the divided zone, which represents the border between the two countries.In Annex I an Agreement between the two countries regarding ownership of natural resources. Remaining provisions concern measurements and mapping. (10 sections)

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