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  1. Library Resource
    North Macedonia, Europe, Southern Europe

    This Act specifies the rights and responsibilities of the Republic of Macedonia, legal entities and persons, in the providing of pre-requisites for environment and nature protection and promotion, with the purpose of implementing the right of citizens to healthy environment.

    Repealed by: Law on Nature Protection. (2004)

  2. Library Resource
    December, 2007
    Europe, Southern Europe, Portugal

    This Resolution, composed of two articles and one Annex, approves the management Plan of Albufeira de Santa Clara (POASC), including the regulation and zoning maps, and modifies accordingly the National Ecological reserve. The Attached Management Plan is composed of VI Chapters divided in 35 articles. It classifies land use allowed in the area covered by the Plan with the view of balancing natural resources and values with a sustainable land use.

  3. Library Resource
    International Conventions or Treaties
    North Macedonia, Greece, Albania, Eastern Europe, Europe, Southern Europe, Northern Europe

    By virtue of this Agreement the Parties aim at the protection of the ecosystem and sustainable development of the Prespa Park Area. Cooperation includes the prudent management of water quality and quantity of the Prespa Lakes; pollution prevention of control; biodiversity protection; protection of soil against erosion, depletions, infections and pollution; preventing the introduction of alien animal and plant species. The Agreement provides for the adoption of plans, porgrammes and environmental standards and criteria to achieve these objectives.

  4. Library Resource
    North Macedonia, Europe, Southern Europe

    This Law regulates the correct and sustainable functioning of the agricultural land market in sense of agricultural land use and its related requirements and standards to be applied related to the Macedonian agriculture development asset.The effective functions of the provisions prescribed are the following: restitution of the land under concession; authorization for the land use without mandatory compensation; issuance of the short-term land use authorizations; long-term land use concessions and related standards; actual sale of the agricultural land (state property or state ownership).

  5. Library Resource
    North Macedonia, Europe, Southern Europe

    This Law prescribes all necessary standards, rules and procedures aimed to regulate the correct and sustainable management of the geodetic-cadastre of the Macedonian Republic, including the provisions governing the information system, the maintenance of the real estate cadastre, the establishment and maintenance of the cadastre of infrastructure objects as part of the real estate cadastre, the basic geodetic works, the geodetic works for special purposes, the real estate property survey performed in service of the real estate cadastre, the survey and the maintenance of the state borderline

  6. Library Resource
    December, 2014
    Europe, Southern Europe, Albania

    This Law amends and supplements articles 17 and 18 of Law No. 9948 of 2008 dealing with the already-started land distribution procedures regulated by previous Laws No. 7501 of 1991 and No. 8312 of 1998 and provides local government structures with more time to finalize the documentation. It also adds article 19 according to which the decisions of the municipalities’ and communes’ councils and the documentation of land property completed by them according to law 9948 of 2008 during the period of 31 December 2013 to the date this law enters into force are considered valid. Amends: Law No.

  7. Library Resource
    National Policies
    North Macedonia, Europe, Southern Europe

    The National Agricultural and Rural Development Strategy (NARDS) is a cross-sectoral strategy addressing agricultural and rural development of the country. The national strategy covers the period 2007-2013.

  8. Library Resource
    North Macedonia, Europe, Southern Europe

    This Law establishes and defines the concrete national territorial organization and division, definition of official boundaries and administrative borders, including the necessary rules and general issues regarding the local government (municipalities, self-government areas) and their powers, obligations and duties on the territory of the Republic of Macedonia.The Law is divided into V Chapters and 33 articles.

  9. Library Resource
    Institutional & promotional materials
    August, 2005

    La FAO está preparando la puesta en marcha del noveno Programa Mundial del Censo Agropecuario (CAM 2010) para ayudar a los países a proyectar y realizar los censos agropecuarios nacionales que llevarán a cabo durante algunos de los años del decenio 2006-2015.

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