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    Gambia, Western Africa, Africa

    The Act provides in Part II for the establishment of a Planning Board (sect. 3) and Planning Authority for each planning district (sect. 5). There shall be 4 types of draft plans for spatial development of land. These are: National Plans; Divisional Plans; Development Plans and Local Plans (sect. 8). The Board shall prepare a National Plan for the Gambia. The Board shall also draft Division Plans for each Division of the Gambia (sect. 11). The Board shall, within the framework of the plans aforementioned, prepare development plans for the area covered by that plan.

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    China, Eastern Asia, Asia

    These Regulations impose upon local authorities involved in free economic zones the duty: (a) to carry out assessment of the impact on the environment of activities in the zones; (b) improve the zones through land use planning; (c) specify obligations of the contracting parties in economic contracts. The local authorities may formulate local supplementary environmental standards. Article 6 requires foreign enterprises to employ environmentally friendly technology. Article 9 deals with permits for the discharge of polluting substances. (13 articles)

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    Netherlands, Europe, Western Europe

    "Discharge" is defined in article 2 as the bringing into the soil of liquids for as a permanent solution. The Decree does not apply to discharge of surface water, rain or drinking water, or groundwater, to which no pollutant are added and is not heated, and to irrigation for agricultural purposes (art. 2). Chapter II places limits on smaller discharge of household waste water. Chapter III places limits on larger discharge of household waste water. Permit, for Chapter IV, provides for the discharge of cooling water and other liquids.

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    United Kingdom, Europe, Northern Europe

    The maximum rates of payments per hectare to be made by the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food pursuant to an agreement including requirements regarding agricultural practices, methods and operation made under section 18 (3) of the Agriculture Act 1986 are adjusted downwards. Also payments made pursuant to section 6, comma 1 of the principal order for agreement made before the entry into force of the principal Order are modified.

    Amends: Environmentally Sensitive Areas (Somerset Levels and Moors) Designation Order 1997 (S.I. No. 1442 of 1997). (1997-06-05)

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    North Macedonia, Europe, Southern Europe

    This Act specifies the rights and responsibilities of the Republic of Macedonia, legal entities and persons, in the providing of pre-requisites for environment and nature protection and promotion, with the purpose of implementing the right of citizens to healthy environment.

    Repealed by: Law on Nature Protection. (2004)

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    Netherlands, Europe, Western Europe

    The State Institute for Public Health and the Environment shall at least once every four years report to the Minister in the form of a scientific study on the state of the nature, forests and landscape indicating also probable and otherwise foreseeable future developments regarding the environment. The Minister shall indicate all bodies that shall be involved in the preparation of the plan. The report shall be sent to the parliament.

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    Colombia, Americas, South America

    La presente Ley prorroga el plazo máximo establecido en el artículo 23 de la Ley Nº 388 de 1997, para que los municipios y distritos formulen y adopten los planes y esquemas de ordenamiento territorial (POT), hasta el 31 de diciembre de 1999. Los municipios y distritos podrán contratar créditos blandos para preinversión en el sector de planeación y servir la deuda con recursos de las transferencias de los ingresos corrientes de la nación, provenientes del 20 por ciento de libre destinación en otros sectores, en la respectiva vigencia.

  8. Library Resource
    France, Europe, Western Europe

    La note (6) de bas de page de l'annexe de l'arrêté du 1er février 1996 susvisé est remplacée par: "(6) Variante 1 (pour les installations de stockage de déchets): a) La surveillance du site; b) Les interventions en cas d'accident ou de pollution; c) La remise en état du site après exploitation; Variante 2 (pour les carrières): la remise en état du site après exploitation; Variante 3 (pour les installations figurant sur la liste prévue à l'article 7-1 de la loi du 19 juillet 1976): a) La surveillance et le maintien en sécurité de l'installation en cas d'évé

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    Cambodia, Asia, South-Eastern Asia

    Land use planning committees shall prepare plans to develop their provinces and municipalities and specify the presence of features of land use planning including environment areas, gardens, public parks, garbage collection, sewer tanks, water pipes, forests, wild animal refuges, lakes, rivers, sea, islands, and land for cultivation. Specified Ministries shall instruct sub-ordinate institutes to carry out a study on land use. Land use planning committees shall assist provincial and municipal governors to prepare plans for the development of the areas under their competence.

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