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    Growing better cities cover image

    Urban Agriculture for sustainable development

    Journal Articles & Books
    January, 2006

    The United Nations predicts that over the next 25 years nearly all population growth will be in the cities of the developing world. At current rates, 60% of the world’s total population will live in cities by 2030. As the cities grow, so does the number of urban poor. Unemployment, hunger, and malnutrition are commonplace. In the big city, most of any cash income the poor might bring home goes to feeding themselves and staying alive; any food that does not have to be bought is a bonus.

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    Bolivia, Americas, South America

    La presente Ley regula el régimen de autonomías en base al artículo 271 de la Constitución Política del Estado y las bases de la organización territorial del Estado establecidos en su Parte Tercera, que dispone que Bolivia se constituye en un Estado Unitario Social de Derecho Plurinacional Comunitario, libre, independiente, soberano, democrático, intercultural, descentralizado y con autonomías, que garantiza la libre determinación de las naciones y pueblos indígena originario campesinos preservando la unidad del país.

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    National Policies
    Bolivia, Americas, South America

    Este documento tiene por objeto la Política Nacional de la Quinua, un instrumento de cobertura nacional cuyo objetivo general consiste en promover, fomentar e implementar el desarrollo sostenible y sustentable del complejo productivo de la quinua, articulando a los actores productivos, para conformar entramados productivos integrados, articulados y diversificados, con la participación de los actores en procesos de producción, beneficiado, transformación e industrialización y comercialización, todo ello para alcanzar la seguridad alimentaria con soberanía nacional.

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    National Policies
    Cameroon, Africa, Middle Africa

    Le Document Cameroun Vision 2035, élaboré en 2009, est composé de trois phases, notamment Phase I: 2010-2019, Phase II: 2010-2007, Phase III: 2028-2035, chaque phase ayant des objectifs spécifiques. Cameroun Vision 2035 a pour objectifs de: (i) réduire la pauvreté à un niveau socialement acceptable; (ii) atteindre le stade de pays à revenus intermédiaires, (iii) devenir un Nouveau Pays Industrialisé et (iv) consolider le processus démocratique et renforcer l’unité nationale.

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    National Policies
    Dominican Republic, Americas, Caribbean

    El Plan Operativo Sectorial Agropecuario 2014 (POA) es un instrumento de desarrollo de corto plazo y de carácter operativo, que sirve de marco de referencia para orientar y sistematizar de forma racional los recursos presupuestarios del Ministerio de Agricultura, con la finalidad de contribuir al bienestar económico y social de la población dominicana, y en especial, de los productores agropecuarios.

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    National Policies
    Bolivia, Americas, South America

    El Plan del Sector Desarrollo Agropecuario - Revolución Rural y Agraria 2010-2020 ha sido formulado por el Gobierno de Bolivia en el 2010 y contiene ejes estratégicos sectoriales para el desarrollo del sector que serán implementados a través de programas priorizados a partir del año 2010 hasta el 2020 en las áreas de apoyo a la producción agropecuaria, el tratamiento de la temática tierra, recursos forestales y el desarrollo de la coca y su industrialización.

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    A brief analysis based on data from the Land Matrix in current dynamic and complex climate & land governance discourse

    Reports & Research
    July, 2016

    Based on data from the Land Matrix database, this paper briefly analyses large-scale land acquisitions in the context of current complex and dynamic land and climate governance discourse. The paper tries to explain the inter linkages between land and climate governance, within the water-food-energy nexus, and the increasing and important role for science, technology and innovation in agriculture in order to become more resilient to current and future challenges in climate and land governance.

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    Policy Papers & Briefs
    January, 2015

    This publication is a lobby material to advocate the passage of the National Land Use Act. As one of the major outputs of the high level experts forum held last June 4, 2015, this abridged version of the proceedings highlights the experts’ discussion, answering the following key questions related to agriculture:

    How do we define prime agricultural lands?
    Should we have protected areas for agriculture i.e. prime agricultural lands, and how many hectares are needed to achieve food security?
    What can LGUs do to ensure proper land use and protect agricultural lands?

  9. Library Resource
    Reports & Research
    November, 2016

    Marrakech, 11 November 2016 – A new report launched today by the UN’s International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) reveals the crucial role the world’s drylands play in buffering the negative impacts of climate change, land degradation and drought. 

  10. Library Resource

    Workshop 7 Synthesis - World Forum On Access to Land

    Conference Papers & Reports
    January, 2017


    The dominant agricultural model, based on the abusive and destructive use of natural resources, leads us into a health, social, ecological, climatic, economic and cultural impasse.

    In the North as in the South a regulatory arsenal limits the rights of peasants to exchange and reproduce their seeds. The privatization of seeds, the first link in the food chain, and the growing control over them by multinational companies seeking to increase their monopoly by imposing hybrid seeds and GMOs poses a threat to global sovereignty and food security.

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