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    Conference Papers & Reports
    January, 2015
    Eastern Africa, Ethiopia

    The paper revisits seasonality by assessing how the quantity and quality of diets vary across agricultural seasons in rural and urban Ethiopia. Using unique nationally representative household level data for each month over one calendar year, we document seasonal fluctuations in household diets in terms of both the quantity of calories consumed and the number of different food groups consumed.

  2. Library Resource
    The Implementation of Rwanda’s Expropriation Law and Outcomes on the Population cover image
    Conference Papers & Reports
    July, 2015

    Rwanda is developing at a remarkably rapid pace, and with that development has come a multitude of corresponding changes to the orientation and use of land throughout the country. In light of these changes, law n°18/2007 of 19/04/2007 relating to expropriation in the public interest was adopted to provide clear procedures for the government to follow in the taking of privately-owned land for other uses deemed to be in the public interest.

  3. Library Resource
    Conference Papers & Reports
    December, 2015
    Eastern Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa, Africa, Ethiopia

    This paper explores the tradeoffs between domestic and productive uses of biomass energy sources in the Nile Basin of Ethiopia using a non -­‐separable farm household model where labor and other input allocations to energy collection and farming are analyzed simultaneously.

  4. Library Resource
    Conference Papers & Reports
    October, 2015

    Oportunidades, Desafios, e Prioridades.

  5. Library Resource
    Conference Papers & Reports
    December, 2015

    Donor and governmental sponsored soil and water conservation measures has been carried out in the last half century in the Lake Tana basin, Ethiopia. However, sediment loads in to the lake has never been reduced suggesting that the effectiveness of integrated soil and water conservation measures reducing soil loss needs to be investigated. The present study was conducted in two watersheds (Tikur-Wuha covers 500 ha and Guali covers190 ha) located in the headwaters of Lake Tana to investigate the impacts of soil and water conservation practices on discharge and sediment loads.

  6. Library Resource
    Conference Papers & Reports
    March, 2015
    Ethiopia, Africa, Eastern Africa

    The pastoral and agro-pastoral areas of Ethiopia cover around 65% of the country’s surface area. Rangeland resources are managed under collective common property arrangements, which are increasingly coming under pressure from both internal and external forces of change including alternative, but not necessarily ‘appropriate’, land uses.

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