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    An Act to make further provision with respect to tenancies which include agricultural land.

    United Kingdom, Europe, Northern Europe

    An Act to make provision for farm business tenancies which begin after 1 September 1995. Section 4 excludes in part the Agricultural Holding Act, 1986 to tenancies covered by the present Act. Sections 5 to 7 provide rules for the termination of tenancies. Tenancies continuing for more than two years shall afterwards continue from year to year unless terminated by notice (sect. 5). Section 8 recognizes the right of a tenant to remove buildings and fixtures.

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    Lithuania, Europe, Northern Europe

    This Law establishes the procedure for leasing land to natural and legal persons of the Republic of Lithuania and foreign states as well as to joint ventures and firms with foreign capital, and regulates the relations between the lessee and the lessor. The Law describes in article 2 the concept of lease, prescribes in article 3 the form of a lease contracts, whereas article 4 prescribes the contents of a lease contract. Article 6 provides for the leasing of state-owned land by competitive bidding. Lessees shall meet requirements set out in article 7.

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    United Kingdom, Europe, Northern Europe

    These Rules prescribe the procedure to be followed in proceedings before the Registrar appointed under the Land Registration Act, 1925. Part I imports the Overriding Objective contained in Rule 1.1 of the Civil Procedure Rules 1998 and requires the Registrar, with the assistance of the parties, to seek to give effect to that objective throughout the proceedings.Part II deals with all cases where the Registrar has decided to conduct a hearing. Rule 3 requires him to notify the parties of his intention and to provide guidance relating to evidence and procedure.

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    International Conventions or Treaties
    Monaco, Liechtenstein, France, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Austria, Slovenia, Western Europe, Europe, Eastern Europe, Southern Europe, Northern Europe

    Ce protocole a été convenu par les Parties contractantes de la Convention sur la protection des Alpes (Convention alpine) soucieuses d'élaborer une procédure efficace de consultation et de règlement des différends dans le cadre de la Convention alpine et de ses protocoles. En cas de différend relatif à l'interprétation ou à l'application de la Convention alpine ou de l'un de ses protocoles, les Parties contractantes s'efforcent en priorité de trouver un règlement par voie de consultation ou par une procédure d'arbitrage.

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    Lov om husleieavtaler (husleieloven).

    Norway, Europe, Northern Europe

    This Act defines rights and duties of parties involved in agreements relating to the right to the use of property in return for remuneration and provides for arbitration between parties.The Act is divided into 13 Chapters: General provisions(1); Availability for occupation by the tenant and requirements regarding the property (2); Rent and other payment (3); Rent protection (4); The parties’ obligations during the tenancy period (5); Resident representation in certain tenancies of dwellings (6); Inclusion as member of household and sub-letting (7); Change of tenant by transfer or succession

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    Lov om rettsforhold og forvaltning av grunn og naturressurser i Finnmark fylke [Finnmarksloven]

    Norway, Europe, Northern Europe

    This Act provides for the management of land and natural resources in the county of Finnmark. This shall be done in a balanced and ecologically sustainable manner for the benefit of the residents of the county and particularly as so as to enhance Sami culture, reindeer husbandry, use of non-cultivated areas, commercial activity and social life. The Act shall apply to real property and watercourses with natural resources in the county of Finnmark. On the shoreline, the Act shall apply as far out to sea as private right of ownership extends.

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    Norway, Europe, Northern Europe

    These Regulations introduce a trial programme for mediation in disputes that have been made subject to decisions of Land Consolidation Courts in accordance with sections 88 and 88a of the Land Consolidation Act.Land Consolidation Judges may apply a mediation procedure after having heard the opinion of the parties involved. No appeal can be head against a decision concerning the use of mediation.

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    Estonia, Europe, Northern Europe

    This Act provides the restrictions on the acquisition of immovables arising from public interest. For the purposes of this Act, public interest is, in particular, development of the management for specific purposes of immovables used as profit yielding land which contain usable agricultural area or parcels of forest land.

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    Bekendtgørelse af lov om mark- og vejfred.

    Denmark, Europe, Northern Europe

    The purpose of this Act is to enforce upon anyone keeping livestock, full damage liability in case their domestic animals are itinerant elsewhere outside the assigned (privately owned) land.

  10. Library Resource
    Jersey, Europe, Northern Europe

    This Order, made under article 12 of the Compulsory Purchase of Land (Procedure) (Jersey) Law 1961, sets out the procedure to be observed in proceedings of the Board of Arbitrators created under the Law to determine questions regarding compensation for land compulsorily acquired.

    Implements: Compulsory Purchase of Land (Procedure) (Jersey) Law 1961. (2006-01-01)

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