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    Reports & Research
    December, 2010

    The current study attempts to examine whether large-scale agricultural investment of this type benefits the poor and how this investment can be implemented to increase benefits for the poor. It is arguable whether the poor need more land to grow crops to meet their food security requirements or need to benefit from large-scale agricultural investment in Cambodia. Although the poor households are capable of operating small plots of a few hectares each, they generally lack capital and the means to work large chunks of new land with forests or degrade forests.

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    Journal Articles & Books
    January, 2010

    As the world continues to experience a severe food crisis, with over one billion people going hungry, land grabbing – the purchase or lease of land by wealthy, food-insecure nations and private investors from mostly poor, developing nations in order to produce food crops for export – is gaining momentum. Some governments and international agencies believe that the in? ux of money and technology can turn land grabbing into a win–win situation for all involved. But is this really the case?

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    The Case of Biofuel and Forestry Investments in Kilwa and Kilolo

    Reports & Research
    December, 2010

    New commercial pressures on land and its impact on small producers is one of the major issues being discussed in both national and international arenas. As foreign states and corporate entities continue to exert pressures on African countries to acquire land for various investment purposes, Tanzania is not exempted. The country is stereotypically perceived as having large underutilized, or rather unexploited, fertile land – the so-called ‗virgin land‘.

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    Reports & Research
    July, 2010

    Em  meados  do  ano  2006  o  Centro  de  Formação  Jurídica  e  Judiciária  (CFJJ)  lançou  o projecto de pesquisa sobre “Protecção Jurídica dos Direitos de Uso e Aproveitamento da Terra  das  Comunidades  Locais”  com  o  apoio  financeiro  da  DANIDA.  O  projecto  de pesquisa  contou  ainda  com  sinergias  logísticas  e  técnicas  do  Projecto  “Apoio  Jurídico Descentralizado e Capacitação para a Promoção do Desenvolvimento Sustentável e Boa Governação  a  Nível  Local”,  implementado  pelo  CFJJ  com  o  apoio  técnico  da  FAO  e apoio financeiro do Governo do Rei

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    Status of Land under Wildlife, Forestry and Mining Concessions in Karamoja Region, Uganda

    Reports & Research
    August, 2010

    Tenure in Mystery collates information on land under conservation, forestry and mining in the Karamoja region. Whereas significant changes in the status of land tenure took place with the Parliamentary approval for degazettement of approximately 54% of the land area under wildlife conservation in 2002, little else happened to deliver this update to the beneficiary communities in the region. Instead enclaves of information emerged within the elite and political leadership, by means of which personal interests and rewards were being secured and protected.

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