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    Mexico, Americas, Central America

    Por el presente Decreto queda aprobado el Programa Especial Concurrente para el Desarrollo Rural Sustentable 2014-2018, de observancia obligatoria para la Secretaría de Agricultura, Ganadería, Desarrollo Rural, Pesca y Alimentación y las entidades paraestatales coordinadas por la misma.

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    Mexico, Americas, Central America

    El objeto de esta Ley es promover el desarrollo rural sustentable del Estado de Sinaloa, mediante las siguientes bases: a) definir en el marco del Plan Nacional de Desarrollo y del Plan Estatal de Desarrollo las políticas para el desarrollo rural sustentable; b) establecer y delimitar la competencia del Estado y de los Municipios en materia de promoción del desarrollo rural sustentable; c) planear, ejecutar y evaluar de manera transversal programas y proyectos para el desarrollo rural sustentable; d) promover la concurrencia de los tres niveles de gobierno, instituciones, programas sectoria

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    Reports & Research
    August, 2016

    Actualmente las áreas rurales campesinas presentan una alta inequidad de ingresos, vulnerabilidad ante las fuerzas del mercado, abandono creciente de alimentos tradicionales y desvalorización social del trabajo campesino. Ante este escenario surge el cuestionamiento sobre cómo las familias campesinas están enfrentando esta problemática y cómo satisfacen sus necesidades básicas, en particular las referentes a la alimentación, aspecto básico en el desarrollo de las capacidades de las personas y sus relaciones sociales.

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    January, 2013
    Mexico, Latin America and the Caribbean

    In Mesoamerica, coffee is an important part of agricultural GDP and export revenues which supports about half a million farmers, and employs millions of people on the farms and all along the supply chain. This policy brief summarises the potential risks and impacts of climate change on coffee farming in the region. Traditional coffee agroforests provide important ecosystem services and conserve significant carbon stocks.

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    Journal Articles & Books
    February, 2019
    Nepal, France, Switzerland, United States of America, Niger, Germany, China, Italy, Australia, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Mexico, Thailand

    L’objectif du présent rapport est d’offrir un cadre conceptuel permettant de faire face aux problèmes de sécurité alimentaire dans une situation de pénurie d’eau pour l’agriculture. Il a été préparé par une équipe de spécialistes de la FAO et de consultants dans le cadre du projet «Faire face à la pénurie d’eau – le rôle de l’agriculture», et a été examiné à l’occasion d’une réunion de consultation des experts organisée à la FAO, Rome, du 14 au 16 décembre 2009 sur le même sujet.

  6. Library Resource
    Journal Articles & Books
    December, 2018
    Haiti, Jordan, Bangladesh, United States of America, Japan, Zambia, China, Italy, Indonesia, Ghana, Costa Rica, Mexico, Thailand

    The integration of food into urban planning is a crucial and emerging topic.

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    Institutional & promotional materials
    July, 2018
    Nepal, Burkina Faso, Central African Republic, United States of America, Guatemala, Italy, Cameroon, Australia, Netherlands, South Sudan, India, Gabon, Sudan, Costa Rica, Mexico, New Zealand

    This booklet contains the main points of the publication The State of the World’s Forests 2018.

  8. Library Resource
    Journal Articles & Books
    December, 2018
    Nepal, Egypt, Nigeria, Rwanda, South Africa, El Salvador, Japan, Burundi, Peru, Mexico, Tanzania, Ecuador, Colombia, Iran, South Sudan, Sudan, Uganda, Kenya

    Accessibility to clean and sufficient water resources for agriculture is key in feeding the steadily increasing world population in a sustainable manner. Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) offer a promising contribution to enhance availability and quality of water for productive purposes and human consumption, while simultaneously striving to preserve the integrity and intrinsic value of the ecosystems. Implementing successful NBS for water management, however, is not an easy task since many ecosystems are already severely degraded, and exploited beyond their regenerative capacity.

  9. Library Resource
    Journal Articles & Books
    November, 2018
    Nepal, United States of America, Jamaica, Canada, Mexico, Netherlands

    More than 80 percent Canadians live in cities with almost one-quarter of country’s total population living in the Greater Golden Horseshoe (GGH) area. The GGH stretches in a curve around the western side of Lake Ontario with the City of Toronto occupying the northern side of the horseshoe. The GGH is an area of high potential food production as well as rapid population growth creating a mix of difficult to reconcile, opposing demands. For example, the need for housing and residential infrastructure conflicts directly with the need to preserve prime agricultural lands.

  10. Library Resource

    Agricultura Climáticamente Inteligente en México

    Policy Papers & Briefs
    October, 2014
    Mexico, Central America, Northern America, South America

    The climate-smart agriculture (CSA) concept reflects an ambition to improve the integration of agriculture development and climate responsiveness. It aims to achieve food security and broader development goals under a changing climate and increasing food demand.

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