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    the uphill push toward conservation agriculture

    Journal Articles & Books
    December, 2012
    Southern Asia, Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa, Eastern Africa, Western Africa, South-Eastern Asia, Guatemala, Indonesia, China, Nigeria, Yemen
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    Journal Articles & Books
    July, 2013

    The right to Compensation for the compulsory acquisition of real property is constitutional and most enabling laws prescribe valuation methods to be adopted in determining the compensation payable. This paper aims at ascertaining the implications of the constitutional provisions and its impact on the compensation payable. It reviews some legislation, prescribed compensation rates and a valuation report on the Obite- Ubeta- Rumuekpe (OUR) pipeline acquisition and analyses the valuation method used.

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    Journal Articles & Books
    December, 2012

    Study on household food security is very essential now that Nigeria is currently facing the problem of food crisis. This study presents findings on household food security in the North Central Nigeria (NCN). The first objective was to review and highlight the commonly used measures of households' food security with their pros and cons; second, to determine the food security status of households; and third, to analyse the determinants of household food security status in the study area.

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    Journal Articles & Books
    December, 2013
    India, Ghana, Nigeria

    Safe and sustainable management of waste presents a major challenge in cities in the Global South. For decades farmers in the peri-urban interface (PUI) have used biodegradable components of urban waste as inputs into their farming practices. Evidence from Kano, Nigeria; Kumasi, Ghana; Hubli-Dharwad and Kolkata, India reveals in rare detail how urban waste reuse plays an important role in the livelihood strategies of lower-income families nd while waste farming also contributes significantly to urban food security.

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    Conference Papers & Reports
    December, 2012

    Land has a cultural value in Nigeria in that its ownership cements
    the relationship of the owner with the community. But more
    importantly, land resource is critical to the livelihood of rural
    farmers because they depend on it for income and food supply.
    It is therefore important that it is sustainably managed and
    efficiently used. This study investigated the ownership pattern
    of land among the farming families in the study area and the
    attitude towards its management. It adopted the farming and

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    Reports & Research
    Policy Papers & Briefs
    October, 2013
    Nigeria, Africa

    With a fast growing population requiring an ever growing supply of food, a national poverty rate of 63 percent, and a labor force that is dominated by agricultural work, Nigeria's efforts to boost agricultural productivity could not be better timed. Though women constitute a large share of the agricultural labor force in Nigeria, little is known about their activities, roles, and constraints in the sector.

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    Reports & Research
    May, 2016
    Nigeria, Africa

    The rising conflicts between farmers and pastoralists threaten Nigeria’s food security, economic stability and ecological balance. Instead of ‘silently’ resolving the issues, the Nigerian government should intensify all means to end these crimes against livelihoods and address the root causes, like climate change, displacement and appropriation of grazing reserves.

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    January, 2009
    Kenya, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Peru, Ghana, Congo, Argentina, Senegal, Malawi

    This report, by researchers working in urban agriculture (UA), examines concrete strategies to integrate city farming into the urban landscape. Drawing on original field work in cities across the rapidly urbanising global South, the book examines the contribution of UA and city farming to livelihoods and food security. The case studies covered by the authors, focus on the following aspects of urban agriculture:

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    Reports & Research
    August, 2001
    Mozambique, Egypt, Nigeria, South Africa, Uganda, Mali, Somalia, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Sierra Leone, Western Asia, Western Africa, Global, Eastern Africa, Northern Africa, Southern Africa

    Trade liberalisation processes impact differently on men and women due to the fact that men and women have different roles in production. Despite the fact that women are actively involved in international trade, WTO agreements are gender blind and as such have adverse impacts on women. The General Agreement in Trade and Service (GATS), for instance, provides for a level playing field in service provision between big foreign owned companies and small locally owned companies.

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    Institutional & promotional materials
    November, 2018
    Ghana, Nigeria

    Ce livret donne un aperçu de la question relative aux pratiques de la gestion des sols en Afrique. Il présente de manière succinte les 12-Résolutions “Déclaration d’Abuja sur les engrais pour la Révolution Verte Africaine” adoptée en 2006 et contextualise l’adoption en 2014 par le 23ème Sommet de l’Union africaine de la Déclaration de Malabo sur la Croissance et la Transformation accélérées de l’agriculture en Afrique pour une prospérité partagée et de meilleures conditions de vie qui a réaffirm é que l’agriculture devrait rester au premier plan de l’agenda de développement du continent.

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