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    Policy Papers & Briefs
    July, 2013

    This issue brief presents an overview of REDD+ and the associated tenure and property rights challenges and opportunities.
    Spanish Translation
    Release Date: Wednesday, April 17, 2013File:  Land Tenure and REDD+: Risks to Property Rights and Opportunities for Economic Growth

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    Policy Papers & Briefs
    June, 2013

    Where the rights of communities to manage and benefit from good stewardship are clearly defined and respected, communities can play an important, leading role in achieving climate change mitigation objectives. According to the Asia Network for Sustainable Agriculture and Bioresources, since 2009, a pilot REDD+ project supported by the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (NORAD) has resulted in measurable increases in sequestered carbon and payments to communities.

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    January, 2013

    The aim of the research is to analyse the landscape structure changes from the end of the Soviet times in 1974–1986 until 2005 when market economy existed in Lithuania. The changes of landscape structure were observed in 100 sample areas (squares) each of them having 2.5 km2 area and distributed in different landscape types. The changes in sample areas (squares) with determination of land cover structure transformations were observed using topographic photos and ortophoto images at a scale 1:10 000.

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    January, 2013

    The rapid expansion of commodity agriculture in tropical forest landscapes is a key driver of deforestation. To meet the growing demand from a more prosperous and expanding global population, it is imperative to develop sustainable commodity supply chains that support higher agricultural productivity, and that enable improved environmental, economic, and social outcomes. Interventions by community, market, and state actors can enhance the sustainability of supply chains by affecting where and how agricultural production occurs.

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    March, 2013

    This report presents the partial results
    related to land use, land-use change and the forestry sector
    from a larger multisectoral low-carbon study for Brazil.
    Since the 1992 Kyoto Accord, Brazil has been committed to
    reducing its carbon emissions. The overall aim of this study
    was to support Brazil's efforts to identify
    opportunities to reduce its emissions in ways that foster
    economic development. The primary objective was to provide

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    September, 2013

    Empirical evidence indicates that in
    many developing regions, the extreme poor in more marginal
    land areas form a "residual" pool of rural labor.
    Structural transformation in such developing economies
    depends crucially on labor and land use decisions of these
    most-vulnerable populations located on abundant but marginal
    agricultural land. Although the modern sector may be the
    source of dynamic growth through learning-by-doing and

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    February, 2013

    The report, Land Tenure for Social and
    Economic Inclusion in Yemen: Issues and Opportunities was
    completed in December 2009. The report addresses the
    problems of land ownership in Yemen and the various social
    and economic problems associated with the system of land
    ownership. Property rights under Yemeni Law are expressed
    both in custom and statute, but both are informed by shari a
    (Islamic law), which provides the basic property categories

  8. Library Resource
    June, 2013

    This report represents a further chapter
    in the dialogue between the World Bank and the People's
    Republic of China about how to promote economic growth and
    protect China's environment. There are three
    cross-cutting issues that keep recurring throughout the
    analysis. These issues characterize the environmental
    management challenge over the next decade: First, the
    environmental agenda is becoming so complex and large that

  9. Library Resource
    March, 2013
    Global, Vietnam

    This report directly provide
    recommendations for improvement of the quality of the
    regional master socio-econsomic development plan and
    national laud use plans for Vietnam, to the year 2020. It
    provides analysis and assessment of the
    reviewed-adjusted-ammended socio-economic development plan
    for the Mekong Delta, which is aimed at improvement of the
    quality and feasibility of regional socio-economic

  10. Library Resource
    September, 2013

    The Federal Government of Nigeria (FGN)
    has formulated an ambitious strategy, known as Vision 20:
    2020, which aims to make Nigeria the world s 20th largest
    economy by 2020. This book argues that there are many ways
    that Nigeria can achieve the Vision 20: 2020 development
    objectives for 2020 and beyond, but with up to 32 percent
    lower carbon emissions. A lower carbon path offers not only
    the global benefits of reducing contributions to climate

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