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    December, 2005

    It may come as a paradox that while interest in tropical forests worldwide has been steadily growing in the last century, this has in no way halted the continued loss and degradation of one of earth's grandest terrestrial ecosystems. In fact, the extent and rate of degradation is accelerating. Some places have completely lost their original forests, while in others the structure and biomass of the forest have been irreparably damaged. Concern for this loss is not limited to the extinction of animal and plant species.

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    December, 2005
    Fiji, Tunisia, Malaysia, Mali, Oman, Italy, Ghana, Iran, Guinea, Ethiopia, Namibia, Solomon Islands, Netherlands

    Globally, according to FRA 2000, planted forests accounted for only 5% of forest area, but up to 35% of industrial roundwood supply. This is anticipated to rise to 40-44% by 2020. Planted forests reflect a higher social, environmental and economic importance than their area would suggest. Many countries have existing planted forest data that is not based upon forest inventory, is incomplete and often outdated. Thus it is difficult to measure and plan the quantity and quality of planted forest resources and the provision of goods and services that they supply.

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