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  1. Library Resource
    May, 2016

    The housing finance market in Mali
    remains small and under developed. Few banks currently offer
    a full mortgage product with Banque Malienne de Solidarite,
    Mali Housing Bank (BHM), Bank of Africa, and EcoBank being
    the main lenders although at minimal levels. The total
    annual housing need in Mali based on the household formation
    rate amounts to 82,500, split between 51,100 urban units and
    31,400 rural units. Overall some social housing is

  2. Library Resource
    May, 2015
    Ivory Coast

    The Country Opinion Survey in Côte
    d’Ivoire assists the World Bank Group (WBG) in gaining a
    better understanding of how stakeholders in Côte d’Ivoire
    perceive the WBG. It provides the WBG with systematic
    feedback from national and local governments,
    multilateral/bilateral agencies, media, academia, the
    private sector, and civil society in Côte d’Ivoire on 1)
    their views regarding the general environment in Côte

  3. Library Resource
    Women and Land in Africa cover image

    The Cost of Corruption

    Reports & Research
    May, 2016
    Zimbabwe, Ghana
  4. Library Resource
    Training Resources & Tools
    January, 2014
    Sub-Saharan Africa, Kenya, Madagascar, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Cameroon, South Africa, Ghana

    Land is a vital resource that sustains livelihoods across Sub-Saharan Africa, but also one that is heavily prone to corruption. Every second citizen in Africa has been affected by land corruption in recent years, according to a study by Transparency International.

  5. Library Resource
    December, 2016
    Western Africa, Ghana

    Pakorpa Susangho’ (Widow’s Cry) is an exploration of how corruption impacts on widows in the Upper East region of Ghana. This participatory video was devised and shot by ten widows from Kulbia, on the outskirts of Bolgatanga, using cutting-edge production techniques and equipment (including iPads as powerful video cameras). The filmmakers, whose ages range from 29 to 60, lack any formal education yet learned to operate the equipment with confidence and skill during a series of participatory video workshops packed with fun games and exercises.

  6. Library Resource
    Land corruption in Africa
    Reports & Research
    September, 2019
    Africa, Kenya, Uganda, Zambia, Ghana

    From July 17 to August 7, 2019, the Land Portal Foundation, the African Land Policy Center, GIZ and Transparency International Chapters in Ghana, Kenya and Uganda co-facilitated the dialogue Land Corruption in Africa addressing the role of traditional leaders in customary land administration, forced evictions as a form of land corruption and its Impact on women’s land rights and an analysis of alternative dispute resolution systems in addressing land corruption.

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