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    World Development Report

    Reports & Research
    January, 2011

    The 2012 World Development Report on Gender Equality and Development finds that women's lives around the world have improved dramatically, but gaps remain in many areas. The authors use a conceptual framework to examine progress to date, and then recommend policy actions.

    One of the key messages of the report is that:

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    Focus on Land in Africa: Mali Lesson Brief, Women, Inheritance, and Islam

    Policy Papers & Briefs
    January, 2011

    This lesson brief discusses the stratutory, customary, and religious frameworks governing women's rights to land in Mali and offers suggestions as to how these rights might be strenghtened.  It is part of the Focus on Land in Africa: Land Tenure and Property Right online educational tool.

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    Reports & Research

    The 2008 report by ActionAid suggests that, since women and girls are overrepresented among poor and excluded people, the food crisis is having a particularly harsh impact on them.  According to the FAO, even before the current crisis women made up 60% of the chronically hungry.

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    Reports & Research
    January, 2008

    [adapted from UNDP] May, 2008- This UNDP discussion paper ‘Pro-Poor Land Tenure Reform and Democratic Governance’ provides a review of how different types of land tenure reform relate to decentralization and local governance, in theory and in practice.  The discussion suggests that in order to create more democratic and transparent local management of land resources, special mechanisms to protect women against direct and indirect discrimination, as well as the establishment of local land committees and land tribunals for conflict resolution are needed.

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    These guidelines from the Working Group on Integrated Land Use Planning (WGLUP) are a further step in developing an approach to gender-sensitive land use planning (LUP) within the framework of development co-operation

    Training Resources & Tools

    [adapted from GTZ] 1999- More than one hundred technical co-operation projects on three continents supported by the various technical departments of GTZ were involved in this discussion on Land Use Planning, paying specific attention to gender and women’s promotion through its pilot program “Gender and Women’s Promotion”.

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    'Lay of the land: Improving land governance to stop land grabs' argues that land grabbing can deprive rural women and communities of their livelihoods and land, increasing their food insecurity


    [adapted from ActionAid] October, 2012- The report states that the importance of land to rural women goes beyond growing food. Having secure access to, and independent control over, land can mean the difference between, on the one hand, enjoying rights such as education and freedom from violence or, on the other, continual subjugation in society. ActionAid view security of land tenure for impoverished rural communities as a fundamental component of dignified, sustainable development and a crucial step towards reducing poverty and reducing inequality.

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    Journal Articles & Books
    January, 2009

    Through case studies from Asia, Africa, eastern Europe and Latin America, this book by Manchester Metropolitan University’s Susie Jacobs presents an overview of global gender and agrarian reform experiences.  Recognising the widespread marginalisation of gender issues from policy and theoretical discussions of agrarian reform,  Jacobs attempts to highlight the profound implications that redistribution of land has for women and for gender relations.  The book compares land and agrarian reforms in which land has been redistributed collectively and to individual households.

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