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    February, 1985

    The objective of this Law, which includes 30 articles and 5 provisional articles, is to establish and define the tasks of the General Directorate of Land Reform under the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs. Main tasks of the Department are: 1. Research and survey activities to determine the priorities of implementation and propose the areas where land reform shall be implemented by the Ministry of Agriculture. 2. Distribute or lease Government lands to landless farmers and equip, support, train and organize these farmers. 3.

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    November, 1984

    The objective of this Law, which includes 28 articles and 3 provisional articles in 3 sections, is to make provision for the following matters: (1) Productive cultivation of the land and increase employment in these areas; (2) Distribution of land to landless farmers or farmers with insufficient land; support and training to farmers; (3) Small land integration for productive cultivation; (4) Creation of new settlement locations and enlargement of existing settlement areas; (5) When necessary, rearrangement of land for other purposes.

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    Reports & Research
    January, 1996

    This paper focuses on the Land Administration Project implemented by the National Land Agency as a central part of the reform of land administration process in Indonesia.

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    Focus on Africa: Kenya Lesson Brief, Group Ranches

    Policy Papers & Briefs
    January, 2011

    This lesson brief follows the modernization of pastoral livestock production in Kenya. This lesson brief is part of the Focus on Africa: Land Tenure and Property Rights online educational tool. Rangelands and pastoralists in Kenya have received considerable attention from government.

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    The Great Green Technological Transformation

    Reports & Research
    January, 2011

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    Reports & Research
    January, 2005

    This paper examines agrarian policies and practices in terms of how land is linked to many complex social, economic, cultural and political relations. While drawing from upon experiences from Asian countries, the paper is much more than an analysis of Asia’s agrarian reform experience. The paper is a timely resource for policy makers and practitioners regardless of their countries of special concern or responsibility.

  7. Library Resource

    This publication is an assortment of articles on various advocacy themes that may be of practical interest to those engaged in
    enhancing the poor’s access to land. Many of the articles are fruits of the ToT – lectures, papers submitted, and discussions.
    But other articles were culled beyond the regional training as a supplement.

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